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“Bike riders of Athens, please keep in mind ‘Share The Road’ works both ways. Drivers will share the road with you. In return, remember while on the bike path to politely share that road with walkers and joggers. Thanks.”

“One of nature’s truly inspiring phenomena, right up there with the Serengeti migrations and the buzzards returning to Hinckley, is the annual ‘throwing out of stuff’ seen in front of rentals and dorms around Ohio University and Athens. The amount of ‘stuff’ is incredible! They could run tour buses to Athens to view it.”

“Democrats, pushing the ‘America is Evil’ canard and focusing solely on slavery with regards to every issue the US has ever faced: ‘We need to look at the history of slavery, if you don’t learn the lessons of history, you are doomed to repeat it’

Me: ‘What about the history of Socialism?’

Democrats: “You are a racist!’”

“Is it just me that has noticed, or has Athens just received a stunning drop in spring semester rape reports?”

“Glad to see the (new?) ‘You are here’ stickers on the large stationary maps on campus. Helpful/time saving even for Old Timers!”

“Over the past year, I’ve become outraged at the looting, burning, and general destruction and chaos that have scarred urban areas across America. I’ve grown equally disgusted that public officials have done nothing to end this unwarranted destruction. But then I had an awakening: Who cares? I live in an affluent, peaceful, culturally-elite, college town. This mahem isn’t coming to Athens.”

“Ohio University’s commencement ceremonies were held this last weekend. ‘Right sizing’ should begin in a week or two.”

“Athens City Council recently met in committee to discuss possibly creating a resolution opposing Ohio House Bill 157. (A resolution?! Say it isn’t so!) Athens City Council has also recently stated that when the State of Ohio lifts the mask mandate (2030?) Athenians (especially those who are fully vaccinated) will still be required to wear masks because systematic racism causes climate change. I have no idea what Ohio House Bill 157 is, but if Athens City Council is against it, I support it!”

“The Ohio University Police Department has apparently deputized an OU administrative unit to implement a restrictive (perhaps illegal) new student travel policy designed to ‘manage’ OU student travel. This policy defines student travel as taking place over 100 miles from the OU campus of departure, including an overnight stay.’ ‘The travel registration at the heart of this policy will provide a focused view of where Ohio University students are and what types of activities they are pursuing’, according the Office of Global (sic) Opportunities Director Catherine Marshall. (Could this ‘registration’ be coupled with a vaccine passport? More surveillance; less effort!)”

“Can we please stop the killing of Black boys, Black girls, Black women, and Black men; I’m tired of reading their obits again and again and again and again!”

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