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“The new vision for Ohio University is apparently ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity.’ Students and their parents are already intentionally not choosing OU and instead are choosing OSU, UC, and Miami. OU is not mandated to promote radical dogma. As the word gets out that OU is attempting to indoctrinate students — Ohio students nonetheless (generally centrists or center-right) — enrollment will plummet off the progressive cliff. OU is charting an unwarranted, unwelcome, self-destructive path.”

“OU will require masks until ‘70% of the students are vaccinated or a ratio below 50 cases [COVID] per 100,000 people.’ What does ‘people’ mean here? OU students? OU students & staff? The City of Athens? Athens County? Southeast Ohio? Ohio? Also, what about individuals who have had COVID and thus have natural antibodies? (Currently, the experts are stating that people who have already had COVID should not be vaccinated.) Lotta loopholes built in here. Once again, I’m sure OU feels it is being ‘clever.’ It isn’t. We are smart out here. (Mayor Patterson: Are you listening?)”

“Note to truckers on the US Rt. 33/50 highway: Athens has an engine brake law that fines $100 for infractions. Noise is pollution, too.”

“Can this be correct? OU is spending $2,500,000 to tear down one dormitory? I don’t know anything about demolition, but dang.”

“Ohio University administrators are ‘projecting’ undergraduate enrollment for the coming school year will be ‘a little over 13,700.’ (OU operates on ‘projections’ and ‘future plans.’ ‘Current facts’ are deemed irrelevant — because they are inconvenient. What business could ignore its current bottom line?) Just to set a baseline, what was OU’s actual enrollment for 2020-2021? How many students were really enrolled this ‘academic’ year? OU must report these numbers to the State of Ohio so these numbers exist. Come Fall Semester, OU will be ‘projecting’ future enrollment numbers. I project that enrollment will be below 13,700.”

“OU’s Deb Shaffer, senior vice president of finance and administration and Florida resident (salary $350,000), said last week that university’s ‘senior administration’ continues to work on ways to ‘right-size’ the university to ‘bring expenses into alignment with declining revenues.’ [High School students are choosing OSU, UC, Miami — and not choosing OU.] ‘This right-sizing includes cutting administrative expenses [and] deeper cuts in the university’s academic operations.’ (WOUB). Shaffer gets another $100,000 bonus in 2023. More high school students are going to not choose OU. OU’s revenue will further decline…”

“To the moron who wrote last week complaining about the ‘spandex road warrior’ bicyclists on the bike path: You are obviously new to Athens. Spandex cyclists, Subaru owners, COVID lockdown supporters, city council members, OU VIPs, are among the Virtuous Class and dictate (by fiat) the social norms in Athens. Get the clay out of your mouth and wise up.”

“Can we please stop the killing of Black boys and Black men; I’m tired of reading their obits again and again and again.”

“My association with Ohio University goes back over 40 years. I’ve seen, and been a part of, many ups and downs. The Great Recession of the late-2000s knocked the wind out of OU. But a real rot set in with the McDavis administration. He kinda did something for athletics, I suppose, but he let everything else go to seed. And then came the current administration. President Nellis came in crying ‘budget crisis’ — which is partially true. But, he has made a bad situation worse.”

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