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“To quote what Bill Maher said recently, and I really cannot handle Bill Maher but agree with him on this point… ‘You’re not going to win the battle for the 21st century if you are a silly people. And Americans are a silly people. There’s got to be something between an authoritarian government that tells everyone what to do and a representative government that can’t do anything at all.””

“A GOP candidate for Portman’s Senate seat recently made the news by being suspended from Twitter for a reprehensible posting. In an interview, he stated he was, “Upholding our Judeo-Christian Values.” Strange, I, like Steve Earle once sang, “don’t remember learning how to hate in Sunday School.””

“We need to find out where all the ODOT officials live and cut off access to their communities and see how they like it. It’s time for Jay Edwards and other representatives to intercede on behalf of The Plains. There’s no reason to not have a right-hand turn from Johnson Road to Athens.”

“‘OU President Nellis and Athens Mayor Patterson created a message ... to remind students that they are required to follow’ senseless COVID rule this and mindless COVID rule that. Bullshit. If Nellis can field football and basketball teams (athletes exchanging sweat, spittle, and blood by sustained and direct physical contact) the browbeaten students can have their parties. The hypocrisy from OU has worn completely through. Patterson’s virtue posturing is well outside his mandate. Keep bleating; we’re not listening anymore.”

“In a March 16 email, OU President Nellis wrote: ‘As we move away from the use of the University-wide furlough ... we will need to define longer term solutions. In addition to the difficult decisions we have already made, it will take careful planning ... to fully balance revenue and expenses.’ Are more OU employees are going to get fired, programs going to get cut? This is a vicious downward spiral. OU can easily get expenses to zero if that is the goal: just go out of business.”

“Anyone else shocked at their new appraised value and massive property tax increase? I remember getting a letter stating a new value was coming, but not to worry that didn’t mean taxes were increasing. Just a minor 10% increase. I see why people buy houses outside of Athens County.”

“Are you agile? You could have a real win-win if you contribute to the Athens Area Lions by picking up the plastic along the bikepath near Shoppes at Athens, and bringing it to Mac’s Work Wear for the Recycling Challenge before May 15. Cleaner bikepath, and a community parkbench for 500 lbs. collected. Win, win!”

“Did Al Roker speak at OU (Zoom) through Kennedy Lecture Series on March 2? The College of Communications made a big-big noise about this in advance, but did the event occur? It seems to have just vanished.”

Editor’s note: The event occurred.

“As Ohio University refuses to declare whether Senior VP for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer lives in Ohio or not, and given other information, we can assume she does not live in Ohio. But, she must visit Athens sometimes. Does she use the OU VIP plane? If so, who pays? And how much?”

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