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“This is just a thought about the state of Athens. The tattoo parlor ‘Arts Apocalypse’ is now a Starbucks. Old-time Athens residents should wrap their heads around that.”

“So after the Deb Shaffer investigation, I was curious about where Jeff Boals lives. You know, one of the highest paid employees at Ohio University. Looks like his family resides in New Albany, Ohio. Where’s the investigation into that?”

“A recent email from Ohio University’s Office of Sustainability was sent out with the intention ‘to gather more accurate information about the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation [of our] our students, faculty and staff.’ Suggestion: Conduct an investigation into the carbon footprint of Ohio University’s VIP private airplane. In addition Nellis, Sayers, Shields, etc., what other OU VIPs use the airplane, for what purposes, and how often? What is the total greenhouse damage associated with this aircraft?”

“I am sick to death of receiving late invoices in my mailbox! I have to spend time unraveling what went wrong. Then I need to spend time on the phone explaining that our post office in Athens Ohio is slow delivering our mail. There are days when I get no mail at all, then boom, catalogs, ads and late invoices. It is ruining my good credit and I want it to stop. The reason I don’t pay bills online is I want my notes showing dates, names of people I spoke with. DeJoy: knock it off.”

“Athens streets are getting their Spring sparkle! We know how to party! But don’t even think about barefootin’.”

“Last week, the A-NEWS reported (concerning the absence of OU’s VP for Finance): ‘The OU Board of Trustees didn’t respond to numerous requests for comment on his letter.’ Is the A-NEWS really this naive? Cutler Hall VIPs and OU Trustees (Nellis, Sayers, Scholl, Shields) don’t give a damn about anything other than keeping their cushy and lucrative positions. The A-NEWS is not going to hear from the ‘Trustees.’”

Editor’s note: We oftentimes request comment from bodies with no expectation of receiving a reply. First, for the sake of courtesy. Second, silence can be telling.

“When OU students consider attending this year’s farcical commencement activities I hope they keep in mind what the administration has done in the last year and a half. Remote learning, funding a failed football season, cut jobs while the majority of employees ‘worked’ from home, etc. I hope you remember your year when you were exploited for your money, while all efforts to keep upper administration safe and absentee.”

“I honestly feel that many people today do not even realize that littering is wrong. I blame this on the lack of signage that we had in the good ol’ days: “LITTERING $500 FINE” was the first sign that actually made me realize that littering must be bad (I was 7 years old). We need to bring back the visuals/signs/billboards that remind/teach people that it is not ok to litter.”

“‘OU continues to deflect all questions about whether VP for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer is an Ohio resident. University leaders say Shaffer’s residence isn’t relevant to the institution’s work.’ This is, of course, total nonsense and everyone knows it. The more important point is the highhanded, arrogant, authoritarian mindset behind such statements. ‘We said it. You believe it.’ No. No one believes this.”

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