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“New trend? Keep the lights off at your register line, Guest Services Desk, or office. Nobody knows you’re open, so much less work for you!”

“Last week The Athens NEWS reported: ‘Dean Scott Titsworth of the Scripps college and the recently retired [retired? hmm...] director of the journalism school, Robert Stewart, remain under investigation by the university’s Title IX office.’ Good.”

“‘Abundance of caution’ is a cowardly, worn-out cliche. Open the schools. No more hysterical snow days. No more murky teacher-training days. Do your jobs.”

“President Biden’s White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci states: ‘Children can return to in-person learning without having everyone vaccinated, all the teachers or all the students. We should try to get the children back to school as quickly as we can.’ What rational and scientific reasons can the Athens School Board offer for not opening the schools? Some parents will not like it. Some teachers will not like it. Tough luck. Consensus is impossible. The public schools must open immediately. Education is vital.”

“‘Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg [a Democrat] called on President Biden [a Democrat] to to stand up and say ‘kids are the most important things.’ Bloomberg said, ‘teachers are going to have to suck it up, stand up, and provide an education.’ Bloomberg [a Democrat] also called virtual classes ‘a joke, worse than a joke.’ The CDC says, ‘There has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission.’ CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky [a Democrat] said Wednesday: ‘Vaccination of teachers is not a prerequisite for safe reopening of schools.’ Superintendent Gibbs, are you listening?”

“‘An Ohio University Faculty Senate committee recommends that journalism professor Yusuf Kalyango shouldn’t lose tenure and immediately be reinstated.’ Good! This is the correct conclusion. What needs to happen now is an investigation into the connivings of the CoC’s Dean (Scott Titsworth) and the former Director of Journalism (Bob Stewart). The long-time, high-handed, destructive, collaborative malfeasance of these two needs to be addressed. As President Nellis seems to be getting rid of underperforming Deans (Edmonds, Middleton) he should sweep out Titsworth, too. The CoC has been in a tailspin since the former Dean (Greg Shepherd) departed OU.”

“Athens City Council is conducting ‘racial review of city code’. Athens City Council is mandated with legislating the City of Athens (only). Any such review — with a goal of potential, tangible outcomes — needs to have a way to measure things. To measure things, it will be important to have clear and actionable definitions of terms and concepts — and concrete/empirical examples — in order to measure and address racial issues (if any) inside Athens’ boundaries. Athens City Council needs clear/concrete definitions of terms/concepts, and concrete/empirical facts, concerning Athenian racial inequity, overt racism, and systematic racism. (Also: review costs?)”

John Kerry (Biden’s ‘climate tzar’) has defended taking his private jet to accept the ‘Arctic Circle award for Climate Leadership’ saying, ‘Traveling by private jet is the only choice for somebody like me.’ (He has also bitterly opposed an offshore wind farm in sight of his Nantucket home; a wind farm would spoil his precious ocean view.) Thinking locally, how often does OU President Nellis (and his minions) use the OU plane? (Private jets and planes emit as much as 40 times the carbon, per passenger, as commercial flights.) Maybe Nellis is ‘someone like Kerry.’ OU budget crisis? Climate Change?

“Last week, one contributor stated: ‘Please stop talking about unity. I will not unify with fascists, terrorists, or their enablers.’ Bravo! The rioting/looting Antifa & BLM fanatics have gone too far! We don’t need this kind of ‘workers socialism’ in the US. [‘Nazi’ stands for ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,’ i.e., National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler was a failed-artist, a vegetarian, and hated hunting. Like PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — Hitler was an animal rights activist and led animal-welfare (‘Tierschutz’) initiatives; he used vivid and gruesome descriptions of animal suffering and slaughter to make his point.]”

“The Athens City School District annually spends $12,297 per student. This is 8% higher than peer school districts. In terms of instruction, the ASCD spends $8,468 per student annually. This is 2 percent lower than similar, peer school districts. ( In 2019, the ‘ACSD received a C grading overall and a D in the Prepared for Success category. Superintendent Gibbs ‘hopes the new [$86,000,000] facilities being built will bring better results.’ (, 02.16.20) That’s a lot of hoping. Versus hoping, science (CDC) states it’s time to reopen the schools. Or give taxpayers a refund as some school districts are doing.”

“‘My team’ (or ‘My leadership team’) is way out front as being the most grating phrase of the year. The people in charge of words are considering banning ‘wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands.’ It seems that people are beginning to bleed from the ears and eyes when hearing or reading this phrase. Doctors are somewhat confused because psychological tests show that, on the one hand, the unprecedented repetition of this phrase is becoming blocked on both conscious and unconscious levels. On the other hand, it seems eyes and ears are reaching physical tolerance levels, thus the bleeding.”

“I have lived in Athens for five years. My daughter went to Ohio University and graduated. I opened up a copy of the latest issue of The Athens Voice and was shocked at the outburst of truth to power! I love it: I may actually start reading The Athens NEWS again.”

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