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“‘Ohio University announces plans for virtual spring commencement 2021.’ Interesting timing, i.e., after students have been lured back to campus. I’m sure OU feels very clever. But such deception is another nail in OU’s coffin. OU ‘got away with it’ this time but such a ‘strategy’ will backfire in the long run.”

“Email from Tom Gibbs (Athens Schools Superintendent): ‘A participant or coach for the Athens Basketball Program has tested positive for COVID. Due to the nature of indoor athletic competition and practice, all practices and games for the Athens Basketball Program are suspended.’ Finally, some truth and realism. How did it take so long for Gibbs to realize that ‘the nature of indoor athletics’ runs completely against ‘wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands’? The irony is that all students should have returned to school at the beginning of January. This is all plain as day. (Nellis: Are you listening?)”

“President Biden said what he was going to do once elected an he did it yesterday when he signed the executive order suspending the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. As I’ve said before, Biden will cause the rise of the price of gas at the tank to four or five dollars a gallon, after four years of low gas prices at the pump under Trump. When he was president-elect, Biden said that there where going to be dark days ahead an I think that I see this darkness in the tunnel without an light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got the feeling that these next four or eight years are going to be the darkest days in America since Obama.”

“If anyone can find any credible information about vaccinations I would like to know about it. If you attempt to discover anything you become the ball in the old computer game ‘pong.’ No one accepts any more responsibility except to send you to someone else who will, in turn, send you to another location and there you might be sent back to square one. You might think that the health department would know something but that would be wrong.”

“With the inauguration behind us, it’s time to consider the Presidential Lie-brary. It’s gonna be a big one.”

“‘Ohio University expects more losses before rebound as pandemic ravages finances.’ Nonsense. OU’s budget crisis — actually a priority crisis — began during McDavis’ tenure and then has rapidly accelerated under Nellis’ unfocused decision-making. Declining numbers of high school graduates and COVID-19 are contributing factors, but the disaster that is OU lies clearly at the feet of McDavis and especially Nellis. (Both had the ‘strong support’ of the Board of Trustees.) OU is an unfocused mess and this is why enrollment has plummeted — and caused the ‘budget crisis.’ What does OU stand for? OU is a self-inflicted wound.”

“When will announcements for virtual Valentine’s Day events be coming out?

“Biden has a democratic senate and house so why is he doing everything by executive order instead of going through congress and the senate”

“Email from Athens City Schools: ‘A participant or coach for the Athens Middle School 7th Grade Boys Basketball Program has tested positive for COVID. Due to the nature of indoor athletic competition and practice, and in the interest of the safety and health of all members of the team, as well as the broader community, all practices and games for the Athens Middle School 7th Grade Boys Basketball Program are suspended.’ Who’d have guessed? (Superintendent Gibbs has a PhD? Oh wait, this is a ‘EdD’ from OU’s College of Education. Now everything makes sense.)”

“Athens schools will require 14-day quarantines even though now 7-10 day quarantines are recommended by the CDC. And, they will decide — regardless of CDC guidelines — who has to quarantine. See! Athens is morally superior (a lot).”

“Because of the recent power outage, OU has said, ‘ The complexity of the registration system makes it impractical to quickly and temporarily extend the window for students to add classes without permission.’ The famous OU ‘can do’ attitude. Yes, instead of lifting a finger, further burden students. But, OU is planning a new branding strategy. They can’t do everything at once.”

“OU to offer ‘Professional Development Pathways Certificate’. One course is ‘Providing Telephone Customer Service’. Secretary School for the 21st century.”

“People don’t strive for independence; people strive to be taken care of.”

“This past year, while crying poverty, the university kept their culinary management teamed fully employed. The only meals served during that time was an abbreviated fall semester with an extremely limited campus population. The other months, management was given ‘meaningful work’ to do at home. Apparently none of that meaningful work included preparing for a slightly lager student enrollment this semester. Long lines and short meal periods have created an avoidable embarrassing situation for the university. It is finally time for administration and DOSA to do something about the woefully mismanaged department.”

“An OU student recently complained about waiting in line for two hours to get food from a cafeteria. ‘I’m actually considering going back home because I’d rather not pay $7,000 to live here when I don’t have any in-person classes and the food is like this.’ This situation is not a result of ‘complexities caused by COVID’ or however OU wants to explain this away. Rather, this is continuation of the Nellis’ administration’s ongoing disdain for OU students. This situation is an experiment — conveniently cloaked by COVID — to see how much crap OU students will put up with.”

“The Ohio University website states: ‘More than 7,000 students live on campus.’ In a recent article in OU’s student newspaper The Post — an article detailing OU’s egregious mishandling of student dining services — a university spokesperson said, ‘We have 3,000 students living on campus this spring.’ So enrollment is down 57 percent? Anyway, as usual, OU went on to blame students: ‘For many of the students, this is their first time ever experiencing our dining facilities.’ Let’s see what Fall enrollment numbers look like. OU is a disaster.”

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