“Regarding the meaningless and widely ignored ‘walk your wheels’ sidewalk disks and the postings on the idiotic solar-powered trash cans, the sidewalks are lousy with bikes and skateboards ridden by students. Is there any enforcement and has anyone ever been cited for this?”

“Wow. The stupidity of local right-wingers just becomes more and more obvious. That ranting ‘Athens Voice’ about ‘the witch’ and whacko conspiracy theories just proves it. Now Trump-lovers are evoking witchcraft? So sad to see so many local right-wingers descending into gibbering madness.”

“Resorting to name calling to make a point at the Athens City Council meeting shows that the candidate to replace the mayor is too immature to hold office. He should apologize to the subject of his childish tirade. Having a discussion about proposals would reach a better solution instead of attacking people.”

“It’s nice that the county engineer is using all the tax money that the state just put on in July to buy all new trucks, dump trucks... It would really be nice if he used some of that money to fix the damn roads, especially Wood Road, Ladd Ridge Road, Meadowbrook Road… I could go on and on. But at least he’ll be riding around in new trucks.”

 “There ‘s been a water leak outside the main building at Hocking College for months. Is that what students are paying for? Or maybe it’s an example on how to waste resources.”

“Kudos to Chris Monday! I truly feel that you are the voice of our generation!!”

“I am a psychic with complete accuracy. How do I do it? Each morning I sit down at the breakfast table and look at what is on my plate. Then I predict what I will eat for breakfast. By the way, I sell winning lottery numbers: The price is $100 per number, payable in cash in advance a day before I move and two days before the lottery.”

“Bravo to the two socialist candidates for mayor and City Council for finally drawing attention to the crappy living conditions that renters in Athens have to endure. This has gone on too long. Just because we’re a college town doesn’t mean this needs to be the status quo.”

“You fail to understand weed-hopper. Critical thought is no longer and perhaps has never been part of the curriculum. You’re expected to believe everything you are told.”

“Life is too damned short to entertain or suffer the abusively low expectations of small minds.”

“Message to the morons wishing OU to switch TP to two-ply, have you not realized that you can easily fold over two or more single sheets to make two-ply or three-ply, etc.?”

“Let’s talk about elections for a second. A certain person campaigned vigorously against a more qualified candidate in the primaries (West Side) but then disappeared. Is she REALLY an advocate for our town? I would certainly say not.”

“The independent socialist candidate for mayor has injected a strong dose of incivility into our municipal elections this year, slamming longtime public servants for not paying sufficient attention to his one and only issue, slumlords. Maybe he’s been taking lessons from the malicious toad in the White House?”

“Don’t you just love asking a question and getting a non-answer that has nothing to do with it? On an average day it completely restores your low expectations of humanity."

“There’s two kinds of socialism. In the first, a safety net is created for the vulnerable. I don’t like this one all the time, but its goals are mostly honorable. In the second, one person or entity seizes control of monetary policy, private enterprise and the media. The latter is more nefarious and dangerous, and it more closely resembles the type found in places like Cuba and Venezuela. Yet, when Trump shames the Fed, or tells companies to leave China, or investigates others for self-regulating their emissions, conservatives choose to ignore it. They have no credibility left on this issue.”

“The OU students seem this year to be more laid-back and subdued.”

“I was distraught and disheartened to learn OU only provides single-ply toilet paper for its students. Single-ply TP is a mere half step above a corn cob! And forget two-ply! Personally, I only use three-ply. Anything less is uncivilized. My body is a temple.”

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