“Thank you to whoever installed the rope swing in the tree at the West Side Community Gardens. What a simple investment to improve the quality of life, and how much we appreciate your efforts. Thanks again.”

“To the person talking about our booming economy, apparently they don’t read the financial section in the newspaper. In just the last few weeks, they’ve lost all of the gains they made this year and then some. It shows no sign of stopping. Where the stock market goes, jobs and the economy soon follow.”

“OK, it’s finally Oct. 31, and having suffered through numerous Halloween celebrations over the past week, can we finally let it go? And for the record, I believe that the Athens annual street party has outlived its usefulness.”

Editor’s note: Folks have been writing the epitaph for the uptown Athens Halloween block party since right after its first occurrence in 1974. TS

“Don’t the city and the university have any kind of ‘attic’ or storage space? It is too bad if things like the pool umbrellas have to be left out in the weather year round. Deferred maintenance. And I am sorry to see cleaning buckets, etc. left in a corner of the grand entrance to a million-dollar building like the University Center.”

“ENDANGERED SPECIES ALERT: One of the consequences of global climate change is the rapid decline of Climatoria Hoaxasaurus, usually known as the common climate denier. Recent hurricanes, wildfires, flooding and droughts have pushed the once-thriving species close to extinction. There are reports of a small group clinging for survival in Republican circles near Washington, D.C.”

“Can someone please tell me why many communities hold trick or treating the week before Halloween? Why not hold it on Halloween as it was intended?”

“I personally had always found it difficult when figuring out what to do with batteries I use. Luckily I managed to do some research and learned that some of the public libraries throughout the Athens and Hocking areas accept rechargeable and one-use household batteries. The list of them are at the following link: www.athenshockingrecycle.org/is-this-recyclable--1.html.”

“VP Pence invited ‘Rabbi’ Jacobs to give the invocation before speaking in Michigan. Jacobs is a Messianic Jew, meaning he’s a Christian, a perfectly fine faith. Like Pence he’s an evangelical. Jews for Jesus (Messianic Jews) want to eradicate Judaism. His prayer began, ‘God and Father of my Lord and Savior Yeshua.’ He condemned the murders in Pittsburgh but never mentioned the names of the Jews who died, although he managed to name Republicans running for office Pence was supporting. This is so offensive, tone-deaf and despicable.”

“On Wednesday, Oct. 24 at approximately 2:45 p.m., I witnessed a small silver car run a light at North Congress and West State. There were Athens Middle School kids in the crosswalk. This could have caused a horrific pedestrian accident, and I considered it a blessing that no one was hit. I have no idea why anyone would run a red light at all, but especially when children are walking home from school. I’m reminding all of you to be cautious around our schools when driving, and please don’t drink and drive.”

“On Saturday, while traveling to an auction, I discovered the gruesome reasons behind the escaping cattle on County Road 90/Mansfield Road. The cattle are in a field with horses. ALL of the animals have ribs, hip bones, and spines exposed and painfully protruding from their bodies. Don’t take my word for it; go see for yourselves. And please report. Friends from an adjoining road informed me that enforcement agencies have been contacted many times in the past but to no avail. For a change, accountability and shame is needed.”

“Sunday. Today the weather was being bipolar.”

“If all women and all millennials voted, the world would be a much better place.”

“It’s the day after the annual Court Street takeover and it’s cold outside on this Sunday. Where the global warming alarmists now?”

“What happened to the Golden Rule? Do on to others as you would want them to do unto you.”

“It is comments like these (about voting a straight ‘Blue’ ticket on election day) that give me little faith in elections anymore. I am not talking this specific race, but to blindly vote down the party line is what got us into this partisan divide. Try voting for the person rather than the letter at the end of their name. If that happens to be down the party line because you looked at the issues and candidates, great, good for you. But try thinking past ‘my party good, your party bad.’”

“‘If we want Athens to be a community where hate does not grow, we cannot afford to sit by in silence and isolation any longer,’ says the Athens Community Relations Commission in a letter last week. And now that the CRC isn’t going to be sitting by in silence and isolation, what exactly are they going to do? Courthouse Church Directory anyone?”

“All of this right here (political arguments) is why I choose to not publish my opinions and views under my own name. As soon as you go against the local mindset you are bastardized, attacked and shunned from the community. Sure in Athens everyone is entitled to their own views, but only if it is in agreement with the masses. I recently saw a Facebook post from a woman who stated that she chose not to vote because she was admittedly uninformed and bothered by all of the misinformation. It was amazing to me how many pro-choice and women’s rights activists hatefully attacked her for exercising her given right to chose not to vote if she’s not sure about who and what to vote for.”

“Free speech is only free when it is the truth. Lies carry a very heavy cost.”

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