“The Bradford pear tree remarks have been informative and interesting. Whether viewed as beautiful or offensive, the blossoming Bradford pear likely will be heralding our spring for a while. In any case, I really appreciated the fast track to knowledge! Thank you, fellow nature observers, and ‘The Voice’ for making that possible.”

“These pot activists need to smoke some weed and chill out.”

“Emma Schultz is quite right (in a letter to the editor on May 16). Ohio, under seemingly perpetual one-party Republican rule, has joined the solid South and the backward Midwest in marching rapidly backward into the 19th century. When will Ohioans have had enough and vote them out?”

“A bragging point for the President of Hocking College is that one of the football players has a 2.5 GPA and the another has a 2.7 GPA? (A- NEWS, May 16).”

“The person always crowing on about recent local weather outside their window as evidence of a global scientific consensus hoax regarding climate sure has confidence conflating the two. In previous years, a lack of snowfall in the Alaska range has caused the Iditarod sled dog race to restart in Fairbanks instead of Willow. This was the case in 2017, 2015 and 2003. In 2016, snow had to be transported by train to Anchorage just so the ceremonial start could happen. This year they had enough snow for the ceremonial start – proof that science doesn’t hold (ice) water?… (I should really stop reading here about how local voices refuse to accept that weather and climate are two different things affecting regions of a round planet and its ecosystems in divergent ways. It’s tiresome to see it repeated over and over, creating good ’ol ‘common’ knowledge.).

Editor’s note: I suspect that there’s at least an even chance that the author(s) of those occasional “the cold weather proves climate change isn’t happening” posts in “The Athens Voice” are parodying people who actually believe the moronic pseudo-science behind climate-change denial. The assertion is so absurd that it provokes instant and well-deserved pushback and ridicule. TS

“Can’t even avoid TV spoilers in the newspaper now? Shame. Shame. Shame.”

“U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar. D–Minn.: ‘Some people did something.’ Hocking College President Betty Young: ‘Some students ... do something they shouldn’t.’ (A-NEWS, May 16).”

“Why do so many people sling tennis shoes and other types of shoes that have been tied together over utility lines. Is there some sort of hidden message? Is this like the Clothesline Project that signifies something special. I think it’s disgraceful, and I think it makes our town look like, for lack of a better term, ghetto.”

“In the May 16 issue of The A-NEWS (the article reporting Hocking College’s plans to utilize Nelsonville’s ‘Polley Field and the whole park complex’), there was a sub-discussion of the recent graduation at Hocking College. The President said 500 students graduated. An earlier HC press release said 300 students would graduate. Let’s call it 400. The President claimed that Hocking College has 2,500 students. (Hmm...) So, as a two-year institution, that would be 1,250 per class. Assuming that 400 students graduated out of a class of 1,250, that’s about a 30 percent graduation rate, correct?”

“Nelsonville City Council and Nelsonville residents: You do not understand the situation. The Hocking College president has clearly stated she wants ‘Polley Field and the whole park complex there.’ She is not ‘asking.’ She is telling you that this is what IS going to happen. So, just ‘shut up’ and accept this. She’s the boss of Nelsonville. You are not. The Hocking College spokesman has clearly explained, ‘The plan is to work with the City Council to determine what is needed.’ What part of this don’t you understand? There is a PLAN already in place. However, out of generosity, the president of HC is willing to allow you to pick out the colors of the playground equipment – but she has a few suggestions. (Idea: Why not put a boxing ring in as well? The Fight Club can be moved off campus in this way.).: 

“A recent post in the “Voice” has now placed the blame on Hocking’s declining enrollment on ‘disgruntled former employees’! How convenient? Why would any former employee, unless they were one who was unjustly fired under the current leadership, want to see Hocking College fail? For many of those employees, their children went there and maybe even grandchildren. Why in the world would anyone want to see this college fail, especially after so many former employees spent their lives contributing to the success of that institution? Maybe what should be asked is what the current employees feel about the direction of the college?”

“Skim Scam Lane

Self-check lanes, they are a pain / They take more time, there’s nothing to gain / Seniors, disabled, others refrain / So stay away from the skim scam lane / You do the work while their workers wane / They’re overworked too – it’s insane / The express lane’s gone – time to raise Cain / And stay away from the skim scam lane”

“While it’s all well and good to have a Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I’m thinking it would be a better idea to take the Clothesline Project and put it in public places on a regular basis. That way there’d be some recognition of the problem throughout the calendar year. Where’s the next display of the Clothesline Project?”

“A woman or young girl must risk her life and health (both mental and physical) because a monster raped her? Sorry, but no fertilized egg justifies that. When I read of Ohio legislators who propose science-fiction medical procedures (‘re-implanting’ ectopic pregnancies) and then admitting that they aren’t ‘smart enough’ to know what causes an abortion, I am thankful for Sen. Sherrod Brown. Once you deposit your bodily fluids into someone else’s body, you give up all claims.” 

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