“Thank you so much, city and county workers, who accepted items during the household hazardous waste drop-off on the OU campus Saturday morning. Although there was a substantial wait in line, I was so pleased with the courteous, hardworking men and women who processed my items quickly and efficiently. Owing to the popularity of this program, I would suggest adding more drop-off dates in the future.”

“I don’t know who was in charge of the recycling event at the Convo but they need some common sense. The longer the vehicles have to sit in stop-and-go traffic makes the value of the recyclables negligible. I sat in traffic for an hour-plus. Spread the different stations out more. Have two lanes of traffic going through the stations? Last year it was at the county Fairgrounds, which was a much better location with better organization.”

“When a church has 20 full-size flag poles out front with the American flag flying 24 hours a day on each one, I think it’s safe to say their priorities are mixed up.”

“It seems no one has commented on Trump having blond hair. Would he have been elected with gray hair? Maybe then people would have said he was ‘old’ and not chosen him? Yes, that would have been ageism. My line is ‘old is not a four-letter word.’ What is the choice to getting old? I’m not saying he should have been elected (NO) – just interesting that there’s been nothing I’ve seen about how old he looks.”

“I worked briefly at Hocking. The reality isn’t as polarizing as contributors would suggest. Is the leadership team there competent? No. They don’t know which end is up, but they are taking action. These are not people who plan and seek the right answers. They just chase the immediate desire to learn from change. In large measure, that’s the way businesses are run now. It would be better if they cared about students and not their tuition dollars, but it’s a business now, people.”

“Many thanks to a reader submitting the explanation about Hocking College’s enrollment decline to the ‘Voice’! I guess the empty parking lots at all three campuses are not due to President Trump, a booming economy or more than a million unfilled jobs begging for the skills Hocking could provide! It seems that a small group of disgruntle former employees and the Fake News being reported by The Athens NEWS are where the real blame resides! Shame on The A-NEWS and those former employees who only want to see future students with no place like Hocking to attend!”

“To compromise with crazy is, in a word, crazy.”

“Regarding the shoes on wires in Athens... Ghetto is a very appropriate term, since that is more or less where the practice originated, but there are now a number of reasons people toss shoes onto utility wires, and they vary around the world. The only one that seems to make sense here in Athens is as part of a rite-of-passage. As a case in point, I saw a tweet from a graduating OU student this month who had just hung a pair of shoes over a wire. He cited his graduation and leaving Athens as the reason for his display.”

“It is very disturbing to read of the method used in apprehending the Trimble woman. It involved a high-speed chase (97 mph) in which a red light was run and resulted in a crash in close proximity to two young children. What poses a greater risk of harm to persons in our community: 1) a suspect with an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court on a drug-related offense at large for some additional time period or 2) a high-speed vehicle chase? Had someone been traveling through that intersection or if the two children had been a short distance from where they were, this story could have been tragic. It is one thing to hotly pursue someone who poses an imminent danger to persons in the community. That does not appear to be the case here. There should be a guideline to assist law enforcement in these situations.”

“Don’t forget to use reusable bags when able, one replaces the use of more than 700 disposable bags. Have a great summer!”

“Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, you just can’t beat ignorance.”

“Now that those idiotic rip-off parking meters are installed uptown, at twice the previous hourly rate, how bout The A-NEWS provide us with a parking zone map to assist us abused commuters on where to place our vehicles. Has anyone seen ‘Cool Hand Luke’?”

“Why doesn’t the city of Athens offer uptown workers discounted passes in order to encourage them to use the under-used parking garage? Of course, the jerks that devised our parking woes get free parking. Some of us are more equal than others.”

“The county Engineer and Commissioners should be ashamed of the condition of Baker Road and Enlow Road. Patching keeps falling apart. I’m sure there are many people who live in Albany and who drive up and down that road all day who would be willing to take a detour for a long time in order to get those roads repaved. Baker Road is even too dangerous to walk a dog on. Anyway, the next step will be to attend a county Commissioners meeting with people in force to let them know how unhappy people are.”

“I would like to compliment whoever designed the Athens swimming pool so that the splash-pad could be open separate from the pool. Having it open this past weekend during the nearly 90-degree heat was a blessing for families who needed to cool off. It really was a terrific idea to open it early, and someone should get a pat on the back.”

“To whoever turned in the money I lost in aisle 11 at Kroger on Sunday, THANK YOU! Your honesty is truly appreciated!”

“How much pretense, silence, compromise, apathy and acquiescence is requisite to fabricate peace? How much deceit, moral bankruptcy, self-interest and unbridled ego should be integrated to create the geometry of appeasement? How much of the unconscionable is requisite? Who is the arbiter? What is the default position? Should there be a static center or a fluid core, constantly changing, dependent upon the emotion of the moment, year, country, political season, stacked or sunsetting judiciary, elected or appointed potentate? Do we then rinse and repeat for generations, repeatedly proving ourselves unfit to populate any planet? Or do we try something different?”

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