“DANGER – The bike path along the building site for Menards is turning into a disaster. No one can ride their bike there (so much for the new extension). There are trucks and equipment parked on the path, and one section has a gaping crater. What danger will cyclists encounter when the store is open and traffic is going into and out of the Menards parking lot? This is a disaster waiting to happen!”

“Maybe Athens City/County can divert some of the $90,000 annual payments from the Bailey dirt path to the animal shelter and spare Athenians the tone-deaf phone calls threatening citations for unlicensed dogs...”

“Athens City Council is discussing curbside compost pickup. Adding this service could increase rates for solid waste collection by up to 60 percent ($10 to $16 per container of trash). How many Athenians want this service? What is the tangible societal benefit? With a potential Greatest Depression looming (2021?), is this the time to be raising economic burdens for such a boutique issue?” 

“It's wonderful that Ohio University's IT department will assist the Athens City Schools with their IT problems during this difficult time. But what about the other four school districts in the county, all four of which don't have as deep of pockets as Athens City Schools to afford IT services? Why has Ohio University ignored them? Typical treatment of the greater county by the Athens-centric overlords at Ohio University.”

“The OU president has said, ‘We are committed to continuing to dedicate time and resources toward solutions to help alleviate the impact on our citizens and communities.’ OU’s strategy: ANYTHING but academics. Simple-minded virtue-signaling. And yet, somehow, OU enrollment continues to decline. Whodathunk?

“Are we doing any testing at our local nursing homes or are we totally without testing in this county?”

Editor’s note: We have covered this issue in at least two recent articles. Yes, there’s testing of high-risk individuals with their physician’s referral. There’s an article in today’s issue with an update on the testing situation locally. TS

"It is an election year. I’m wondering if our elected officials will make the decision to ‘reopen’ Athens based on Trump’s economically influenced plan over Nancy Pelosi’s statement that the decision be more science based. This is a political issue. Are we going to see action based on the Democratic Party we elected? Or will we see Trump supporters in sheep’s clothing. I hope there will be a community forum so I can ask what our plan is to vet the Party.”

“We have only one county Commissioner that represents the majority of Athens County residents. In the midst of a catastrophic financial disaster created by the pandemic, how could Commissioner Chmiel not second the motion made by Commissioner Adkins to reallocate the $90,000 in taxpayer money back to the county, previously donated to the Baileys project? I quote from the Athens Messengerarticle on the meeting. Chimel, ‘I agree obviously that we need to reevaluate, but I want to talk to some of the other parties involved.’ We do not need Commissioners who do not represent the majority of residents.”

“Ancient wisdom: This too shall pass.”

Dear Mr. Trump, to paraphrase your predecessor twice over, George W. Bush, or Shrub as you may more casually refer to him, no, you’re not ‘the decider’ when it comes to states’ rights. Which only points out that you’re far more fallible and uninformed than you care to admit. In the future – as in from this point forward – please take heed, rather than attempting to school the planet on things of which you know little to nothing.”

“After reading the news in your April 16 issue: All that seems to coming from this left paper is the hate and jealousy of our American president. This paper and the residents of Athens County spew mostly hateful words towards our president. All I can say to all of you is get over it. Trump is our elected president and will be for the next four years. You need to support our great president as we supported the terrible Obama administration years. Grow up and act like an American not a snowflake. TRUMP 2020 keeping America great.”

Donald Trump is a damned fool, too stupid to comprehend that he incites insurrection, or too self-absorbed to care. Tuesday he declares to have ‘total authority’ to reopen states amid the pandemic. In light of no such constitutional authority, he back-pedals on Thursday telling governors, ‘You are going to be calling your own shots.’ Twenty-four hours later he incites protestors, encouraging them to resist the authority of the same state governments, while wrongly declaring ‘your great 2nd Amendment… is under siege!’ If we ever did, we no longer have a president, but a village idiot.”

“To hear Donald Trump tell it, once you get to be president authority is total, meaning you can say what you want, do what you want, and kill whomever you want in the process. Uhhhh, hello! That’s the very definition of a sociopath, with each passing moment Trump further defining how low on the functional scale his disability places him. Next week: What this says about the mental state of those who prop him up, to the detriment of 7.8 billion people who share the same planet.”

“Celebrate Earth Day, every day

Celebrate Earth Day, every day

Celebrate land and sea

Celebrate you and me

Celebrate Earth Day, every day!”

“COVID-19 Testing: What if (for whatever reason) a person doesn't want to be tested?”

Editor’s note: Not sure why that might be the case, but as the situation currently stands with insufficient testing resources throughout this country, if you don’t want to get tested, nobody’s going to force you. At the very least, if you have symptoms, stay home and away from others in your household. TS

“Something is horribly wrong with this nation’s preparedness levels when Bing, ABC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, CNN and almost all other reputable news and information outlets can update international, national, state, county and borough COVID-19 statistics, advisories and reports several times daily, yet the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s odometer is still stuck at April 2. (This ‘Voice,’ dated Monday, April 20, 2020, 5:25 EST.)”

“News Flash! Stockholders heavily invested in crude oil production, along with major petroleum producers, lobbied Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to offer free freight to anyone willing to ship an empty steel barrel or keg to the Cushing, Oklahoma oil reserve in order to add overnight storage capacity and buoy oil prices above $zero$ dollars. Beer brewers and rocket mass heater enthusiasts nationwide, conservatives and liberals alike, chorus in union, ‘Huh uh!”’

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