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“Ohio University’s Office of Global Affairs lists 46 employees. Lots of ‘administrators.’ Administering what? The earliest there is any ‘global education revival’ will be 2022 — and probably not much activity even then. It will take years before international education rebounds, if it ever does. What are all these people doing? Budget crisis at OU? Maybe not. Maintaining this unit is as illogically expensive as is athletics. Shady business at OU.”

“I’m super excited that Ohio University will begin offering Martha Stewart Craft Night. I think this will be a lot more fun than Zoom pumpkin-carving last fall. Question: If I’m taking the ‘Telephone Customer Service’ course, will I be able to also participate in craft night?”

“My husband was working to rid our sidewalks and driveway of snow, slush, and water when two young men walked by. My husband offered to pay them to help him complete the job. They agreed and when they were finished, they began to walk on. When he offered to pay them, they looked back and said they did not want paid, they just wanted to help. There are good people in Athens, and my thanks to the young men whoever they are!”

“Please stop talking about ‘unity.’ I will not unify with fascists, terrorists, or their enablers.”

“One writer to Athens Voice last week noted: ‘This past year, while crying poverty, the university kept their culinary management teamed fully employed.’ But, this is not as bad as the Office Of Global Affair and International Studies which boast 46 employees on their website. And realistically What in the world has this office been doing for the past few year?”

“OHIO programs rankings by US News and World Report: ‘The rankings further cement Ohio University’s reputation as the best online college in the state of Ohio’ says OU. Really? Is this ‘online’ the goal? Hyperbolic ‘best’ or not, Athens-based students (a 57 percent decline in enrollment) feel ripped off: online classes are vastly poorer in quality and on-campus students must forage for (astronomically priced & poor quality) food. And, OU is the most expensive state university in Ohio. In any case, such rankings are certainly a kind of cement — the kind chained to OU’s ankles, pulling it to the bottom.”

“The US government and Wall Street consider ordinary citizens to be the enemy. Ohio University (administration and professors), and landlords, disdainfully view students as a necessary evil. Athens’ mayor and city council always know what’s best for Athenians, despite what Athenians want, e.g., high-handed, mandatory, inefficient composting and ‘recycling,’ pointlessly closed city pool and library. They are also pretty good at doing what morality dictates, e.g., dangerous and unused bicycle lanes. Athens City Schools’ superintendent doesn’t care about the students at all — and this is just tragic. (At least OU students can leave and not return.)”

“‘Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs was awarded a $2.2 million investment from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration to accelerate the region’s transition from a coal economy.’ The U.S. government is giving $2.2 million to professors who make $150k annual salaries to kill local jobs. It’s good to be part of the elite. It’s less good to not be part of autocracy.”

“‘Dean of Patton College of Education stepping down from position.’ Long past due. The College of Education is junk. Not just any junk, special McDavis junk. Look at the Athens City Schools system’s administration if you want evidence. What a disaster OU has become — with the College of Education leading the way down and the current administration idiotically paralyzed in the headlights.”

“‘COVID vaccine: Single-dose Johnson & Johnson jab is 66 percent effective.’ Factoring in corruption, fear, politics, marketing, hysteria, and statistical error, let’s say this vaccine is 50 percent effective. Is the vial half full or half empty?”

“What’s with the missing giant American flag by the Athens sewage treatment facility? Has it been flying so much at half-mast that they decided to take it down altogether?”

“What exactly are we paying taxes for?”

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