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“Kudos to Taylor Sappington for uncovering the fiscal fraud and abuse in Nelsonville. The former city auditor has a lot to answer for; he should have caught it a long time ago. Disgusting that anyone would steal from that financially strapped city.”

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“Thank you, city of Athens, for the new signs on Cable Lane. I'm sure that will save countless lives.”

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“Thank you, city of Athens, for the new signs on Cable Lane. I'm sure that will save countless lives.”

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“I think the mayor of Athens has it wrong. The Baileys money is not a loan to the city. It is money given to ORCA to do whatever they choose (whoever they are)? It would be good to know who all the members of ORCA are. Be interesting to see whose relative will be hired as administrator with …

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“Imagine living in a country with more guns than people and being so deluded that you think your gun rights are under attack. It boggles the mind.”

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“I want someone on the right to explain to me why it's OK to spend trillions on the military, but providing health care to the population like every other developed country does is unthinkable. I want an answer. How brainwashed do you have to be to think that free health care and free educat…

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“Wait... Chauncey Village Council is thinking about sensible zoning measures? This after the Dover Township Trustees rejected smart zoning plans that would have covered Chauncey and the entirety of the township? Go figure.”

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“The year 2020 is the year of clear vision. Let's hope that voters have clear vision when they vote.”

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“The letter from Dec. 19, 2019, written by the single mom from Athens County who is supporting two kids with disabilities, and has to utilize the Athens County Food Pantry, is heartbreaking and alarming at the same time. The woman who wrote the letter is a public school teacher. Why aren’t p…

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“I still remember what my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket... ‘Hey, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?’"

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“Thank you, Joe Burrow! I'm a single mom in Athens County, and support all the needs of two children with disabilities and myself all on my own. The Food Bank has really helped me because going without is a reality. On my own, I live in poverty as a public school teacher with a low fixed inc…

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“I’m getting tired of all the whining about the city and county contributing to the Baileys Trail System, from people who only have a vague  notion of the potential economic benefits, and who haven’t been any closer to mountain biking than they have mountain climbing. I wish Athens had a few…