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“I miss the days of Sean Pogue’s ‘The First Church of Barney Dinosaur Transcendent’ back in ... was it 1993?”

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“It’s not the size of one’s vocabulary that matters. It’s how one uses it.” 

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“It’s not the size of one’s vocabulary that matters. It’s how one uses it.” 

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“Athens City Council approved a resolution to oppose any federal government shutdown on Monday night. But what can they really do if the federal government shuts down? There’s nothing that Athens, Ohio, City Council can really do if the federal government shuts down except cry foul.”

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Editor’s note: This is just a reminder that since this column of submitted short opinions is anonymous, we do screen it carefully to remove personal attacks on local individuals and businesses, or otherwise defamatory material that contains unproven allegations. You will see criticism of loc…

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“Lack of appreciation for the fulcrum being used doesn’t determine the accuracy of the scales.” 

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“(A recent) article noted some left displeased after the school board voted to begin construction next year. I grew up here experiencing past poor design decisions (mold issues at The Plains, failed open classroom concepts at the HS). I was skeptical we’d avoid these kind of mistakes again, …

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“The Women’s March was a truly inspiring event. Among the chants of unity, I also heard a young woman cry out, ‘I’ll become an auto mechanic if I want to, damnit!’ And another, with her fist in the air, yell out, ‘I will no longer limit my guitar playing to cowboy chords! From now on it’s ja…

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“The incident at the Lincoln Memorial involving the male Catholic high school near Cincinnati, the Native American drummer and others is a great teaching moment. Don’t draw drastic conclusions based on partial information, such as a one-minute video of an incident that lasted much longer tha…

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“With the 50th anniversary of the Convo, I would suggest bringing back the old marquee. There was nothing like driving past the Convo and finding out what was happening on the marquee.”

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“Personally, I hope that President Pandora and his loyal lap dog Lindsey succeed in their ‘national emergency’ border wall gambit. This will make it far easier for any future Democrat occupying the Oval Office to simply declare climate change to be a ‘national emergency’ and to start allocat…

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“Icy roads covered in a dusting of snow are not safe for teen drivers or buses. It is unsafe and unnecessary. But I guess Tom Gibbs is done doing his job now that he got that giant levy passed.”

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“If I have read correctly the Albany school district has 40 percent of its enrollment on free lunches. What does this tell the Board and those who support a levy about the voter base that cannot afford to pay for lunches. Yet they keep coming back and trying again.”