To the editor:

Dear Anti-vaxers and your enablers,

Enough is enough! It’s time for you to get dressed and go get those shots. Your behavior is endangering our lives as well as yours, and we can no longer let that happen.

You live in a democratic society, remember? That’s one in which we, the people get to decide what is best for ALL the people. So, it’s time for our government leaders to enforce vaccine mandates to protect the lives of all of us who are endangered by the anti-vaxxers among us.

Our nation is at war. The casualties of this war now number 700,000 Americans — 250,000 more than were lost in all the wars in our history. And in this war, there are among us those who appear, in their behavior, to sympathize with the enemy.

Only widespread mandates can stop those sympathizers where they live. We MUST put those mandates in place now. Whose side are you on?

Enough is enough!

Aileen Hall

The Plains, Ohio

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