Normally on the Sunday at the end of spring break, uptown Athens is bustling as Ohio University students return from home or trips to Florida or wherever. The campus is subsumed by move-in frenzy, with students excited for the final several weeks of school, with all the festivals and street fests, and various other rites of spring in a college town. Not today, in the wake of OU's decision to cancel in-person classes through the end of semester, and for the most part shut down the dorms, in response to the coronavirus crisis. Court Street had little traffic, either on wheels or on foot, and the student neighborhoods next to campus had only a few people out and about. The residential greens had an occasional car or SUV being loaded with departing students' belongings, and Baker Center was virtually empty. Later Sunday afternoon, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine upped the ante by announcing that all bars and restaurants in the state must close, except for delivery and takeout service.

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