T-Rex, or Rex, is a sweet kitty who won’t let either of his front paws (one amputated, the other not fully developed from birth) deter him. Photo provided.

T-Rex the cat won’t let anything stop him. Not when he was born with a malformed front paw, and not even recently, when the Athens County Human Society took him in after he was found with his other paw badly broken and infected.

Since he was picked up from his former home out in the wilds of Athens County, T-Rex had to have surgery to amputate the broken paw, leaving him with one less-than-functional front paw and his back legs. The Athens County Human Society started an emergency fundraiser earlier this month to help pay for that surgery, with an urgent plea on Facebook that ended up raising more than $800.

Now, T-Rex is safely recovering at the Athens home of foster Rachel Neuenfeldt.

“His name when he came to us was T-Rex officially, but we just call him Rex,” Neuenfeldt said. “It’s because he mostly walks on his back legs… He’s pretty remarkable. He’s been moving around since we got him.”

Angela Marx, executive director of the Athens County Humane Society, said that the Humane Society sprang into action to help T-Rex in part because he was “so sweet and friendly,” but also because he was so determined to move around despite his predicament.

“Front leg amputations are generally pretty difficult for pets but I think T-Rex had gotten used to not using it,” she Marx said. “We just wanted to alleviate his pain, plus there was a bad infection.”

Neuenfeldt said that T-Rex will need a forever home once he’s fully healed from the surgery, so, anyone interested in adopting him can apply by going to https://www.athenshumane.org/.

Marx said that T-Rex uses the litter box just fine, and is able to get around just fine, although it’s not clear yet how well he’ll do with stairs or getting on and off other elevated surfaces.

Marx added that he will need a “home that will be patient with his disabilities, preferably a more mellow household without other hyper animals,” she explained. “He’s good with other cats but he’s not able to defend himself.”

Neuenfeldt said T-Rex loves cuddling, and even fell asleep next to her sister on her bed recently.

“He just wants to be loved,” she said.

The non-profit Athens County Humane Society is always seeking donations, fosters and other help for local dogs and cats (Athens County has a dog shelter but no cat shelter).

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