Clown mask

This is a file photo of a clown mask that was for sale at the Spirit Halloween store at The Market on State mall on East State Street several years ago.

In what was likely a Halloween prank, the Athens Police Department responded to a call about three people – two dressed as clowns, one as a dinosaur – stalking a man on Columbus Road in Athens on Monday.

According to a copy of a report provided by the APD, a caller said three people "dressed in clown costumes and a dinosaur costume" surrounded him and tried to stop him while he was walking on Columbus Road in Athens Monday just before 2 p.m.

The caller said he continued walking, and they eventually left him alone.

A police officer went to check the scene, but was unable to find the alleged costumed brigands.

A local resident reported a similar incident happening to her boyfriend on Monday afternoon (it could have been the same incident) on the West Side Athens Facebook page.

"My boyfriend was walking on Columbus road today and three people dressed as clowns came out of the woods by the motel and surrounded him," she wrote. "They didn’t do anything other than follow him a bit, but just something to be aware of if you’re in that area, or on the bike path over there!"

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