The Athens County Sheriff’s Office is looking for information on who may have owned a seriously injured dog that was recently found wandering in northern Trimble Township.

The dog, Sunshine, was taken into the Athens County Dog Shelter on Jan. 12 after she was found wandering near the corner of Antle Orchard and Oakdale roads northeast of Glouster with a chain that was deeply embedded in her neck.

She had “severe injuries” to her neck, according to the local non-profit Friends of the Shelter Dogs group, although she is “improving a little bit every day,” the Facebook page’s administrator told The NEWSon Friday.

“She’s on a few different medications and will have a follow-up with the vet next week to assess whether surgery is an option or continue as we are right now,” that administrator said Friday.

Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith said Friday that nobody has been arrested in this animal-abuse case. He said that sheriff’s Det. Ryan Gillete, who is the assistant county dog warden now that the Sheriff’s Office has taken over management of the Dog Shelter, is looking for leads in that case.

Smith said that the dog has a “very friendly demeanor,” and just needs “a lot of love and attention” right now.

“But we believe she’ll be OK,” Smith said.

The Friends of the Shelter dogs group is covering Sunshine’s medical expenses while she’s at the Dog Shelter. She’ll eventually be healthy enough to adopt out, Smith said.

If anybody has any information on Sunshine’s situation, people are encouraged to call the Dog Shelter at 740-593-5415 or the Sheriff’s Office at 740-593-6633. Donations can be made to Friends of the Shelter Dogs at

The Athens County Dog Shelter also has an Amazon Wishlist, where people can order needed items for the Dog Shelter. That link can be found on the Dog Shelter’s Facebook page at

The Dog Shelter recently posted that it needed dog food donations.

“We are down to just a few bags of dog food,” the Shelter posted on Facebook Saturday. “If you are out shopping and would consider donating a bag or two to the shelter, our dogs would appreciate it! We have some skinny ones and some dogs with skin issues so if we can get food that has a meat... chicken, beef, salmon, etc as the first ingredient, then that will really help the dogs.”

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