County Courthouse

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office released a smartphone app last Friday designed to provide residents with easily accessible information at their fingertips regarding the office and its activities.

Residents who use the app — which is available to download on both the Google Play and App Stores — can access COVID-19 resources and a database of most wanted criminals, local sex offenders and recent arrests, according to a news release from Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith.

The app also features a function where users can submit tips anonymously to the Sheriff’s Office, or call in a tip. Users can access information about current and past Sheriff sales, as well as learn more about the Sheriff sale process.

Additionally, users can connect with the office’s “Overdose Prevention and Treatment Team."

The app was developed by, which is a subsidiary of OVC, LLC, a software company that creates applications for local, county and state governments, the news release said.

“Over 80% of people in the United States own and use smartphones as their primary means of communication,” OCV Vice President Kevin Cummings said. “Mobile apps offer agencies a better way to alert, inform and prepare the public. Apps allow public safety agencies the ability to reach and serve their citizens where they are: their smartphones.”

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