College Green tree disposal

Two trees were knocked down on College Green during the storm Sunday. One of the trees was being chopped up and mulched by OU employees on Monday.

Multiple trees came down Sunday during and after high winds from a storm blew through Athens County and the region, including two trees on OU’s College Green.

 In total, OU lost a dozen large trees during the storm, and six smaller trees, OU Landscape Coordinator Susan Calhoun said in an email Wednesday.

“The most devastating loss of these trees include two very old hemlock trees near the entry road to the Ridges since hemlocks are under threat from the invasive pest, the hemlock woolly adelgid, an insect that deprives the trees of vital nutrients,” Calhoun explained.

Since Sunday’s storm, professor Sarah David of the Voinovich School at OU is counting those Hemlock trees’ growth rings to get their age. The age of the rest of the trees lost varies, but there are certainly some that had been on campus for “50 years or longer,” Calhoun said.

The university also lost two young “newly established” Yoshino cherry trees along Shafer Street, among its collection of cherry trees that bloom each spring.

Calhoun said the last time the university’s Athens campus experienced such tree loss was during the infamous June 2012 derecho.

The university will develop a plan to plant new trees to replace those that were downed during the storm, Calhoun added.

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