OMG! Rotisserie

OMG! Rotisserie. Photo by Ben Peters.

By Ben Peters

Ahens NEWS Associate Editor

OMG! Rotisserie, which temporarily closed in April when an inspection uncovered a cockroach infestation and dirty silverware preceded by a years-long pattern of other critical health violations, will not reopen.

In a May hearing, the Athens City-County Board of Health continued the closure order and suspended owner Marla Rutter’s Retail Food Operation license for an additional 30 days. The board also ruled that Rutter must correct all previous health violations, including the recurring offense of providing customers with unclean utensils, and maintain a staffer on duty who was trained in restaurant safety.

In accordance with the Board of Health’s ruling, Athens City-County Health Department Sanitarian Hannah Klayko went to the facility at 139 Columbus Rd. to conduct an inspection 15 days after the suspension was issued, but found the restaurant closed with nobody present, according to documents.

Klayko said in an interview she followed up the next day with Rutter, who determined the restaurant would remain permanently closed. The sanitarian wasn’t able to provide Rutter’s reason for not reopening. The NEWS was unable to make contact with Rutter for further explanation.

At the May hearing, Rutter acknowledged the health violations and said they were the result of extenuating family circumstances and economic hardship triggered by the pandemic that forced her into working several part time jobs in addition to managing the restaurant just to meet rent and keep the business afloat.

“So that’s why this restaurant has went to hell,” she said at the time.

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