"oh You oh Yeah" beer

"oh You oh Yeah" beer. Photo courtesy The Brew Kettle.

Two Ohio craft breweries collaborated to create a limited beer inspired by Tony’s Tavern’s fan-favorite “Hot Nut,” a mixture of coffee and hazelnut liquor.

Northeast Ohio-based brewery The Brew Kettle joined forces with 50 West Brewing Co., a Cincinnati-based brewer, to bring to life the “oh You oh Yeah,” a coffee and hazelnut infused imperial stout.

“After a bit of back and forth with the crew at 50 West, we realized many of us shared fond collegiate memories from simpler times spent in Athens, OH,” a release from The Brew Kettle said. “Life was a bit smaller, slower, and our responsibilities were far fewer. As we swapped stories, a specific homey bar, Tony’s, and their infamous Hot Nut struck a chord.”

To recreate the “Hot Nut” in beer form, the breweries partnered with other small business around the state to source ingredients. The beer’s hazelnuts come from Heggy’s Nuts in Canton, and its unique coffee bean blend comes from Columbus-based Hoof Hearted Coffee. Hoof Hearted also has a beer brewing arm of its business.

“We hope this beer makes Tony’s proud and resonates with everyone who has shared a memory in the little college town of Athens, OH. We are grateful to have been able to bring together partners from all over this state to create something special,” the release said.

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