Organizers were saying that this edition of Last Call, the culmination of the nine-day Ohio Brew Week, boasted one of the biggest, if not the largest, crowd in the event’s history.

Just like the dozens of Ohio craft breweries from Portsmouth to Cleveland represented at OBW, the event drew many beer lovers and others from across Ohio and farther afield

They're separate events, but for many the real festivities of Ohio Brew Week comprise the Brew BQ on Friday night and the Last Call street party on Saturday.

And more often than not, rain figures in to one or both of the events. No one who was here will forget the "derecho" that struck during the 2012 Brew BQ, nor the heavy downpour that flooded Last Call in 2015.

Off and on rain cooled, then steamed, last year's Last Call.

This year, it was the Brew BQ's turn. The rain was heavy but had nothing like the effect of the 2012 storm. And by Saturday things were unseasonably cool and pleasant, and while there was a small rainstorm Saturday night, all it really did was make things almost chilly for awhile.

But both events, weather or not, were a great time for the thousands who took part in one, the other, or both.

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