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Jackie O's Pub and Brewery Front of House Manager Michael Flynn hands off a growler of Jackie O's beer outside Jackie O's uptown location late last month. Jackie O's is open for carry-out and delivery. Photo by Conor Morris.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine during a press conference today announced reopening dates for table/bar service in Ohio's restaurants and bars, and service in hair salons and barber shops.

For Ohio's restaurants and bars, the outdoor seating areas of those businesses will be allowed to open up on Friday, May 15. The indoor seating areas of restaurants and bars will be allowed to open on Thursday, May 21.

Some regulations will remain in place for restaurants and bars. Individual parties will be limited to 10 or fewer people, and tables will be required to be kept 6 feet apart, or otherwise separated by physical barriers (such as high booth backs or plexiglass windows). Also, most employees will be required to wear facial coverings, outside of cooks and others for whom masks present a safety risk. Open "congregant areas" such as dance floors will not be allowed for the near term.

Bars will be required to follow the same guidelines, with seating areas or individual seats kept 6 feet apart. The head of the bar and restaurant taskforce, Treva Weaver, suggested that those businesses bring in tables in order to enforce the separation guidelines.

Meanwhile, Ohio's barber shops, hair salons, nail salons and day spas can re-open on Friday, May 15 as well, DeWine reported.

Debbie Penzone, head of the task force on reopening those businesses, said that customers should expect to see employees of those businesses wearing facial coverings, and that those businesses can require you to wear a facial covering as well if you come in for a haircut.

Waiting areas for all of the businesses mentioned above also will either be restricted, or otherwise set up to require social distancing measures between customers waiting. People might also be asked to wait in their cars.

Further guidance for the businesses listed above can be found at Ohio's coronavirus website.

Meanwhile, as of Monday, Ohio's retail businesses will be allowed to reopen as well.

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