Nville candidates

Nelsonville City Council candidates McCray Powell, left; Dottie Fromal, center; and Andrea Reany, right. Photo provided.

If the Athens County Board of Elections certifies all submitted petitions next week, Nelsonville will see some new candidates on the ballot in November for city government positions.

Today was the deadline for all non-partisan Athens County candidates to file petitions to be on the November ballot. That means candidates for school boards, township trustee positions and some village council and mayor positions all have filed petitions for those positions. Those petitions must be certified by the Board of Elections by next Friday. All of the candidates who have filed by that deadline are listed the Athens County Board of Election's website.

The candidates for Nelsonville city government include some incumbents. To start with, the candidates for Nelsonville city auditor are Garry Dickerson (the current auditor) and Taylor Sappington (a Nelsonville City Council member).

Candidates for two unexpired Nelsonville City Council seats ending Dec. 5, 2021, include:

* Dottie Fromal (incumbent).

* Andrea Reany (first-time candidate).

* Greg Smith (incumbent).

* Cory W. Taylor (non-incumbent, although he recently has held a City Council seat.)

The candidates for three full (four-year term) Nelsonville City Council seats are:

* Anthony Dunfee (incumbent).

* Wanda K. Johnson (non-incumbent candidate, although she previously was appointed to fill a City Council seat back in 2006).

* Shadrick I. Mi. Paris (first-time candidate).

* McCray Powell (first-time candidate)

* Linda Watkins (non-incumbent candidate, although she recently has held a City Council seat)

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