Athens County Sheriff’s officers shot and killed a Hockingport man Wednesday last Wednesday evening after he fired on officers, several hours after negotiations with the man following a domestic dispute with his wife.

Neither the man’s wife nor any law-enforcement officers were injured in the event, Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith confirmed the day after the shooting.

Chad E. Nicolia, 41, of Hockingport, became “increasingly agitated” while the Sheriff’s Office’s special response team attempted to negotiate his peaceful exit from his home on Jetstar Drive in Hockingport last Wednesday, according to the sheriff’s release. This was after his wife had been removed. Nicolia subsequently fired “numerous gunshots in the direction of law enforcement officers and the surrounding homes,” the release said.

“Despite desperate negotiations and gas being deployed inside the residence, deputies returned fire after the suspect (Nicolia) fired multiple shots at officers,” the release said. “The suspect suffered a fatal gunshot wound…”

The situation kicked off at approximately 7:30 p.m. Wednesday when the Sheriff’s Office responded to a “report of a domestic dispute between a husband and wife” in Hockingport.

Sheriff’s officers met with the woman on Ohio Rt. 124 and accompanied her to their home on Jetstar Drive in Hockingport, where the Nicolia was located.

“Deputies, along with the female, entered the residence to retrieve her property,” the release said. “The suspect (Nicolia) pointed a firearm towards all individuals including officers. At that time, deputies quickly removed the female from the residence.”

At approximately 9 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office’s special response team arrived and began the aforementioned negotiations, which led up to Nicolia being shot and killed several hours later.

The investigation of the incident is now being led by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Sheriff’s Office added in an updated release late last week.

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