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Hocking College confirmed Friday that a 20-year-old student died after first responders arrived at a Hocking dormitory in Nelsonville Thursday night in response to a call about an "unresponsive male."

College spokesperson Tim Brunicardi confirmed Friday afternoon that Logan Lewis, 20, of Heath, Ohio, had died. According to an incident report provided by the Hocking College Police Department, a Hocking officer was dispatched to the Sycamore Hall dormitory at 9:41 p.m. Thursday after receiving a call about an "unresponsive male," with EMS in route. 

Lewis' mother in a public post on Facebook Friday afternoon said Lewis died due to an allergic reaction (more on that below). She's started a GoFundMe page.

County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn reported Friday afternoon that Lewis died after he was found unresponsive inside that dormitory room at Sycamore Hall (which is located across the river in Nelsonville from Hocking's main campus). It's not clear when exactly Lewis died.

Blackburn said his office is leading the investigation at the request of the Hocking College Police Department. The HCPD contacted Blackburn's office around 12:30 a.m. Friday to request aid, he said.

Blackburn cautioned that at this point, the manner and cause of Lewis' death has not yet been determined. The Montgomery County Coroner's Office is conducting the autopsy.

"It doesn't appear to be the case that anyone is in danger..." Blackburn said. "But we're trying to ascertain information. It'll probably take weeks to get the toxicology (report) back from the Montgomery County Coroner before we're truly able to know what happened."

Lewis' mother, Jamie Baker, said on Facebook that she believes Lewis' severe milk allergy was to blame.

"As many of you know, Logan has had a life-threatening milk allergy his entire life," she wrote. "While at school last night, he accidentally drank something with milk in it, and did not get his EpiPen in time to stop the reaction, and the EMTs were unable to save him."

Brunicardi wrote that Lewis was a second-year student in Hocking's medical cannabis laboratory sciences program.

"The College wishes to express its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Logan," Brunicardi wrote. "Currently, we are focusing on providing comfort and healing to our campus. Counseling services are being provided to students and staff during this difficult time."

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