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Hocking College’s spring semester enrollment is up compared to the same time last year by a significant amount of students (about 460).

In total, Hocking College reported having 3,150 students as of the 15th day of its spring semester, compared to 2,690 students around the same time in spring semester 2018. The increase is likely thanks to a large number of part-time and College Credit Plus students (high school students taking college classes).

Tim Brunicardi, Hocking College spokesperson, said last week that Hocking College has 1,734 part-time students this semester, with 1,262 of those students being College Credit Plus students (who, on average, are taking two classes). Meanwhile, Hocking has 1,416 full-time students this semester.

Hocking had 3,471 total students as of the 15th day of its fall semester 2018, about 1,667 of whom were part-time students.

The community college in Nelsonville has struggled with declining enrollment since at least 2010, although in fall semester 2017 the college did report its first increase in enrollment in years, from 2,956 in fall 2016 to 3,391 in fall 2017, largely due to a massive increase in CCP students. That CCP number shot up from 91 students in fall 2016 to 832 CCP students in fall 2017, and up again to 1,110 students in fall 2018.

Meanwhile, Hocking’s full-time student numbers this semester (1,416) have declined since last fall, with 1,777 full-time students in fall 2018 (and 2,043 full-time students in fall 2017).

Brunicardi previously has stated that there “isn’t really a negative impact budget-wise” on the college due to that increase of CCP students over full-time students, because the CCP students are often “taught at the high schools by high-school faculty” while Hocking is paid by the state per student. 

The college has unveiled a number of new programs in the last two years, and Brunicardi previously has maintained that those programs are bringing new students to the college. Hocking also just last year received approval for a new cannabis lab technician associate degree track, with a new marijuana-testing laboratory that opened in late Dec. 2018 on the east side of Nelsonville. The College expects to begin classes through that discipline in the second half of this spring semester.

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