A project to replace an old bridge over Coates Run, near the Stop ‘n Cop on Richland Avenue, is slated to begin early next month.

Athens Mayor Steve Patterson said the bridge-repair project is scheduled to begin with the contractor “mobilizing on site” May 1, and traffic signalisation deployed May 6.

 “During construction, two-way traffic will be maintained,” Patterson said at a City Council meeting Monday evening, “but there will be signalisation down there because they’ll be working on one side of the bridge, and then once it’s completed they’ll start to work on the other side.”

The Coates Run project will not close the whole road, but will narrow Richland to one traffic lane, Patterson said at a previous council meeting. “There will also be one side of sidewalk that’s closed,” Patterson said Monday.

The west side of the bridge is expected to be completed in late June, and the other side should be completed by Aug 19.

The project is “replacing a mid-1930s bridge that does currently have weight limits associated with it, so this is a much-needed replacement,” Patterson said.

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