Best of Athens


Athens Best-Kept Secret

Miller's Chicken

Miller’s Chicken (formerly Miller’s Poultry) wins as the Best-Kept Secret for the second consecutive year. Which raises a troubling question: If you can win first place in our amazing, fabulous, world-famous Best of Athens competition two years running, and are still a well-kept secret, what does it say about our amazing, fabulous, world-famous…

Never mind. It doesn’t do to ask questions for which you’d rather not hear the answers. We’d rather talk about the great food at Miller’s Chicken anyway. They’ve got the best fried chicken in southeast Ohio (our opinion) plus ready-made fried haddock and ocean perch by the pound or sandwich, plus a nice selection of southern sides and salads. You can even get a bucket of chicken organs if you’d like. Not tiny Hammond B-3s but rather livers and gizzards and such.

Strouds Run State Park, which is no kind of secret, places second in this category.

Best Local News Story That Makes Your Blood Boil


After a brief fling in last year’s Best of Athens with “roundabouts,” our reliable readers came back to “parking” as their most annoying issue, or to be more exact, “the local issue that makes your blood boil the most” (we thought we’d try injecting some excitement into this old category).

Yes, parking is a pain in the you-know-what, unless, of course, you’re like we lucky stiffs at The A-NEWS who as one of our many employment perks (that’s what we like to call irony) get free parking behind the Court Street Diner (which reportedly is not going to be around much longer). 

Second place goes to “fracking/injection wells,” a topic that rightly so boils the blood.

The Alexander school levy (or shall we say the several) Alex school levies places third. Yes, we know how annoying and infuriating it is to be asked to help pay for local kids’ educations (the way somebody did for you in your childhood).

Fourth places goes to “bike lanes on East State Street.” Oh, yes, the “roundabouts” for this year – a harmless traffic decision that for some reason converted half the city into experts on traffic engineering.

Finally, the Athens City Schools facility/school levy takes fifth place.

Best Thing About Athens County

Natural Beauty

In a fit of adventurousness, we decided to add a category this year, Best Thing About Athens County. A stroke of genious, that was, since it prompted our Best of Athens voters to produce highly competitive (albeit predictable) answers.

The first four answers all fell within shouting distance of one another.

First place in this debut category is “natural beauty,” which while simple, is totally accurate where our little corner of the world is concerned. Exhibit A: That lovely autumn photo of Strouds Run State Park near Athens (the boat rental area can be seen on the shore across Dow Lake) that accompanies this write-up.

Second place is, um, well, kind of general – community. But it’s also accurate – this is a unique and fulfilling community in a lot of ways.

Ohio University, the intitution that more than anything else defines the city of Athens, wins third place.

Fourth and fifth go to “the people” (presumably with exceptions) and “availability of outdoor activities.”

Best Annual Event or Festival

Ohio Brew Week

The battle for best regular local event or festival is always a competitive one. This year’s winner, Ohio Brew Week, proves that people like the brewery scene in Athens, and in Ohio in general. Heck, they just don’t like it; they love it, and they want some more of it! This year’s celebration of all things brewed is set for July 12-20 in Athens, with dozens of separate events throughout the week.

The Nelsonville Music Festival, last year’s winner, takes home second place this year, and this year’s rendition is sure to excite with big acts including (so far) headliner Death Cab for Cutie. The festival at Hocking College in Nelsonville is set for June 6-9 this year.

The much-beloved Ohio Pawpaw Festival wins third place again this year, introducing travelers and new residents each year to Ohio’s favorite native fruit. In fourth place we have the (in)famous Halloween Block Party, and in fifth place is Boogie on the Bricks (just like last year).

Best Nonprofit to Volunteer For

Friends of the Shelter Dogs

For its third year in a row, Friends of the Shelter Dogs wins first place in our Best Non-Profit to Volunteer For category (which in the interests of incredibly awkard-sounding but proper grammar we’ve renamed “Best Nonprofit With Which to Volunteer”). The local non-profit is devoted to helping dogs at the County Dog Shelter get adopted, and this win says something about how our readers feel about the organization (and likely dogs in general).

In second place this year is Passion Works Studio, the well-known and well-loved community arts center that welcomes and celebrates artists of all abilities. This factory of creativity is responsible for the Passion Flower, which is the official flower of Athens County, and many other creations.

Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio places third this year, continuing “its mission to transform the lives of individuals in southeast Ohio by working with families in need and advocating for affordable housing.”

Fourth and fifth place go to Rural Action and Good Works, respectively.


Best Place to Buy Unique Gift Items

White's  Mill

White’s Mill has won Best Place for Unique Gifts the second year in a row. Located in the historic, picturesque riverside mill near the intersection of Ohio Rts. 682 and 56 on Athens’ West Side, White’s Mill has atmosphere to spare, offering a uniquely Athens shopping experience. Patrons can purchase everything from plants and gardening supplies to locally made crafts. There’s something for nearly everyone.

Import House, home to all your “tobacco use only” needs, wins second place once again. In addition to smoking utensils, Import House also offers shoes, shirts and other funky wares. Artifacts at West State and North Court lands a cool third place, with Beads ’n’ Things and Mountain Laurel Gifts in a tie for fourth place.

Best New Business

The Kitchen at Devil's Kettle

The Kitchen at Devil’s Kettle Brewing, a new restaurant located at Devil’s Kettle Brewing on Columbus Road in Athens, takes home first place in our Best New Business category. The Kitchen – started by Becky Clark of Pork and Pickles – has obviously wowed a lot of people with its locally sourced, upscale cuisine since it opened last year.

Coming in at second place is IHOP, a classic pancake-slinging breakfast chain that opened at The Market on State on East State Street late last year.

The Loft Hair & Spa Salon, on Shafer Street in Athens, takes third place this year, followed by local ready-to-eat meal preparation service Butcher’s Bites in fourth place. Lush Hair Salon, on East State Street in Athens, takes fifth place.

Best Place to Buy a Car in Athens County

Don Wood

Like last year, Don Wood powers through for a victory in the Best Place to Buy a Car in Athens County. “Powers through” is all we got for car-related puns and gags, having used them all up in the Auto Repair category. Sorry!

Placing second is Mark Porter, with Hugh White Honda and Mark Searles (The Plains) placing third and fourth respectively.

Best Local Beer & Wine Selection


Sir Kroger – his hair unruffled and suit unwrinkled –emerges with a first-place finish in the not very competitive Best Beer and Wine Selection category. Not sure why we started out this blurb this way, but it might have something to do with post-traumatic stress from writing and editing dozens and dozens of these Best Of blurbs. We will muddle through somehow.

Anyway, if there’s one problem with having a massive selection of beer and wine, it’s that the brains of alcohol shoppers prone to indecisiveness (or inebriation) are prone to spontaneous combustion when faced with 100 feet of beer coolers and a dozen aisles of wine. Not to mention the state liquor store across the main aisle.

Second place goes to Jackie O’s, and in this case, we’re not sure if voters meant the selection of beers offered by Jackie O’s at local carry-outs and groceries, at its own bars and taproom, or at local bars in general, or all three. Whatever the case, Jackie O’s offers a great selection of craft beers. Put us down for three Pawpaw Wheats and a padded cell.

Busy Day Market wins third place, while fourth and fifth go to Bella Vino and And Beer, respectively.

Best Local Market

Athens Farmers Market

One of the best things about living in the Athens area is the wide variety of food markets from which to choose. From big-box supermarkets to neighborhood groceries to the Athens Farmers Market, we almost almost have too many options. 

Winning first place in the Best Market category, by more than 900 votes, is the longstanding, some would say legendary Athens Farmers Market, last year’s first-place winner. The twice-weekly (sometimes thrice-weekly) open-air market at The Market on State defends its title with more vendors than ever and new buying options for cash-carrying patrons. The best part is that when you buy stuff at the Athens Farmers Market, you’re helping other local residents make a few bucks, which all stays in the community.

Speaking of community, local grocery store Seaman’s Cardinal Super Market takes second place, inching up a notch from last year’s third-place spot. The West Union Street grocery store serves many West-Siders and anyone hoping to support a locally owned business.

Kroger, last year’s second-place winner, slips into third place this year, though the chain supermarket surely won’t lose any customers as a result.

Fourth and fifth place go to The Farmacy and Busy Day Market, respectively, both of which are located on Stimson Avenue in Athens.

Best Veterinarian Clinic

Allen Pet Clinic

In the battle for best veterinarian clinic this year, we asked all of the local veterinarians to put forward their clients’ cutest puppies and kitties for judgment on who had the cutest. A true battle for the ages! But our winner in this category, Allen Pet Clinic in The Plains, blew the other competition out of the water.

OK, so that’s not true. At all. But Allen Pet Clinic still won the most votes from our readers for their conscientious care of their creatures, as it did last year.

Kroner Animal Care, on Ervin Road outside Athens, takes home a close second in this category. Meanwhile, The Plains Veterinary Hospital (in The Plains, obviously) takes home third place, followed by Athens Veterinary Clinic on Pomeroy Road and the Ohio Valley Animal Clinic of Athens (on East State Street) in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Best Heating & Cooling Business


Airclaws wins Best HVAC (heating and cooling) business for the third year in a row. They must be doing something right in this essential trade.

Second and third place also are the same as last year, with Dean Heating & Cooling placing second and a certain A-News editor’s neighbors, David White Services, placing third.

Fourth and fifth place respectively go to Advance Heating & Cooling and Dan Inman.

Best Local Auto Repair Shop

Huddle Tire & Auto

Best Local Auto Repair Shop this year is Huddle Tire & Auto, repeating its victory from last year. Folks at Huddle, down on Richland Avenue, should rev their engines and take a victory lap.

Second place goes to Muffler Man, also winner of second place in 2018.

Third, fourth and fifth place go to Alvis Auto Repair, Athens Auto Repair and Sundown Garage, respectively.

Best Place to Find Hard-to-Find Items

White's Mill

Sometimes the best things in life require a little searching to uncover. Those in need of something that you just can’t find anywhere else should try White’s Mill, which places first in our Best Place to Find Hard-To-Find Items category for the second consecutive year. White’s Mill claims three first-place spots in Best of Athens this year, also winning Best Customer Service Retailer and Best Customer Service Retailer. It seems our readers have been spending a lot of time at this historical commercial gem.

The Farmacy, also in Athens, wins second place in this category. If you’re looking for anything health- or food-related, you should definitely pay the place a visit.

Third place goes to Athens Underground, the vintage clothing and antiques store on (or sort of under) North Court Street with all sorts of unique finds.

In fourth place is Walmart, and C & E True Value Hardware, a past winner in this category, takes fifth.

Best Customer Service Retailer

White's Mill

Great customer service is an important quality for any retailer to have. For our Best Customer Service Retailer category, readers chose White’s Mill for first place. A great spot to find pet supplies, shrubs and flowers, an assortment of gifts and all sorts of other stuff, this West Side Athens store snuck past last year’s first-place winner, despite not placing at all last year.

Last year’s champ Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming comes in second this time – a shop with a friendly, welcoming vibe and staff who actually seem to care about pets. It’s no wonder people love this place.

In third place is chain supermarket Kroger, which has no problems making Athens residents feel welcomed and well-served

Rolling into fourth place is Beads n’ Things on the West Side of Athens, followed by Ohio Valley Running Company in the Station Plaza, eight points away, in fifth place.

Best Salon


As with drinking establishments, Court Street and Athens are home to a variety of salons and spas, offering multitudes of options for people to choose from. In the third year for this Best of Athens category, Attractions Hair and Nail Salon wins yet again. 

The Loft Hair and Spa Salon earns second place with third place going to Infinity Salon. Lush Hair Salon and Standard Salon, respectively, grab fourth and fifth place. A few members of last year’s list didn’t make the cut for 2019.

Best Local Contractor

Mike Myers

The winner of our Best Local Contractor this year is Mike Myers. No, not THAT Mike Myers, jeeze! The poor guy’s probably tired of that joke by now. His business, Mike Myers Construction, is located on North Blackburn Road in Athens. That business has won first place in this category for at least the last two years running.

Johnson Builders, located on Ohio Rt. 56 to the west of Athens, wins second place this year (after winning fourth place last year). Third place goes to Peterson Brothers Construction in Albany, followed by Advanced Painting in fourth. Cetide LLC on Radford Road, Athens, takes fifth place.

Best Professional Service Provider

Drs. Quinn, Foster & Associates (Vision Source)

The top Professional Services Provider in our readership area is Drs. Quinn, Foster & Associates, placing first in this category for the second consecutive year. Last year in announcing this victory, we made some silly puns related to vision. But in the ensuing year, we’ve matured tremendously, and no longer use silly puns. You can see that clearly, right? Eye know you can.

Second places goes to Career Connections, with third going to Jean Giroski, nail technician at The Loft.

Fourth and fifth place winners are Financial Accounting & Advisory Services (FAAS) and MS Accounting, respectively.

Best Type of Business That Athens County Needs


This is truly a shocker. Our Best of Athens voters this year chose “Ostrich Dude Ranch” as the Best New Type of Business that Athens County Needs. Set me up and knock me down.

No, that’s a joke. The actual winner in this category is “Hands-On Artificial Insemination Clinic for Cattle and Chickens.”

Ha, ha, another joke. No, seriously, the winner is “Pet Rock Emporium.”

As you can see, the hilarity is beginning to dwindle, so enough of this stupid nonsense.

Target once again wins this category, as it has every year since the Jurassic Age. You can know that we’re not kidding by the use of boldface on Target. We don’t use boldface unless we’re deadly serious. Also, you can tell Target is the winner by looking at the headline on top of this blurb.

Second place is “Italian restaurant,” though, really, how difficult is it to just make your own spaghetti?

Chick-fil-A comes in at third with no smart-ass commentary (other than that line), with the massively generic “clothing store” and “department store” coming in fourth and fifthThose are a blast from the past; next thing somebody will suggest a livery stable.

Best Place to Donate Used Items


Athens County residents for the most part strive to look out for one another and help their fellow community member. It’s home to many donation sites for clothing and other items. This year, Goodwill was chosen as the top Place to Donate Used Items. Located at 175 Columbus Road in a newly opened building, the store has a wide variety of pre-owned clothing, furniture, house wares and more. 

New-To-You Shoppe, also on Columbus Road, is ranked second place once again. It’s closely followed by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located on West Union Street near the Athens County fairgrounds. Fourth and fifth place, respectively, are ReUse Thrift Store and the Salvation Army.


Best Place to Dance

Casa Cantina

Casa Cantina (at Casa Nueva) can’t be knocked off its throne in this category, claiming first place for the eighth year straight. Casa has young folks dancing away at its late-night shows, and then the older crowd (and even children) occasionally boogieing down during its weekly and sometimes twice-weekly early shows.

The Union Bar comes in with a very close second place. The Union has long been known as Athens premier rock ’n roll joint and has a long history of head bangin’ and flailing about. 

Third and fourth place is played close with J-Bar and Stephen’s On Court tallying up almost neck and neck. The Pub wraps things up with a fifth-place finish, which makes us scratch our heads. Does The Pub have dancing? No matter. We defer to the superior wisdom of our readers.

Best Happy Hour

Jackie O's

You know the old cinematic trope of the dark and dreary corner dive, with sad pensioners and other wastrels nursing boilermakers in the early evening before trudging home to stuff a brick of peat into the stove and surrender to another unbelievably sad night alone? Now consider the salabrious effect of rebranding those periods of late afternoon/early evening at the bar as HAPPY HOURS. Think of all the transformed lives. A grin and a pint of bitter, and by your leave, thank you, a double-shot of Jameson’s, then prancing down the lane to home and hearth, to be tucked in snugly by the widow next door, Moira O’Casey. Now that’s a happy hour!

Now, where were we? Oh, sorry.

Winning Best Happy Hour this year is Jackie O’s, which whoever wrote this blurb last year mentioned offers a Power Hour every evening from 8-9 “where select IOs brews cost only $2.” (Apologies if that’s changed; this drone would double-check that fact but they keep him/her/me/they chained to the desk.)(Update from other drone: They’re $3.)

Red Brick Tavern (about 30 feet from this editorial drone) wins second place, with third place going to Lucky’s Tavern. Fourth and fifth go to The Pub and The Union Bar.

Best Bar for People Over 30

West End Cider House

The editorial drone assigned to write this blurb was halfway through writing the usual ode to perennial winner Tony’s Tavern when he/she/they noticed an anomaly. A pretty big one. For the first time ever, Tony’s didn’t place first for Best Bar for People Over 30. Rather, the West End Cider House picked up the victory, which is actually pretty impressive considering Tony's has owned this category since the late 80s. Anyway, congrats to the WECH, which occupies the building that for many years held the West End Tavern and way, way back, Dotson’s. (Plus some weird fern bar for a short time in the late 70s.)

Tony’s, as mentioned, does pick up second place.

Others bars that placed, in third, fourth and fifth, respectively, are Jackie O’s (which one? We have no idea), the Cat’s Eye Saloon (literally three of four feet under this drone’s feet – downstairs at 14 N. Court), and Casa Cantina.

Best Bartender

A.J. Castro, Jackie O's

Longtime uptown Athens bartender and bar manager A.J. Castro wins first place this year. Castro – currently the front-of-house manager at Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery/Public House in uptown Athens – just exudes a “cool” factor as an underrated Athens fashionista, matched with a warm demeanor and can-do attitude that puts his patrons at ease.

Second place goes to the equally cool Brently Jones, shift manager/bartender at The Pub on North Court Street. Third place goes to Beard, er, Beau, Nishimura, taproom manager at Little Fish Brewing Company on Armitage Road in Athens (sorry, the man has a good beard).

Fourth place goes to Josh Brown, of Casa Cantina, followed up swiftly by Sophie Lazuka, also of Little Fish, in fifth place. Riley Lange, of the Smiling Skull Saloon, wins sixth place.

Best Local Band or Performer

The Wild Honeybees

The Wild Honeybees have been winning the Best Band category in Best of Athens for so many years that the original band members’ great grandkids now make up the ’Bees’ membership.

OK, that’s an exaggeration. No, it’s a falsehood. Well, actually it’s a ridiculous lie. The Honeybees haven’t been winning Best of Athens for that many years, though “several” would probably be an accurate, albeit imprecise adjective. The Wild Honeybees, with their New Orleans, R&B, horn-driven sound, are great no mater how long they’ve been playing.

Coming in second this year is a local bluegrass band, the Coal Cave Hollow Boys. The young men who  make up this band know how to play stellar bluegrass with heart, and play lots of great covers from not only bluegrass but traditional and outlaw country as well.

Coming in third this year are last year’s third-place finishers, Water Witches. Hellnaw and Any Colour round out the top five.

Best Open Stage

Donkey Coffee

A cozy venue for acts of all sorts, Donkey Coffee takes the cake this year for Best Open Stage, jumping up from its second-place spot last year. Donkey has the perfect atmosphere for poetry readings, acoustic music, and most anything else, really. The coffee shop is gradually developing a reputation for fronting quality amateur (and other) acts each Thursday evening with its Open Mic Nights.

Trading places this year, last year’s winner Casa Cantina takes second place this time around. Casa’s long-running open stage, hosted by longtime Athens Music Scene veteran Chris Biester every Wednesday night, has earned first-place honors in this category several years in a row. With that record, and considering how many open-stage events there are in Athens, second-place is no small feat.

Third place goes to the Smiling Skull Saloon with weekly Tuesday night open stages. The Skull took third place last year, as well.

The Union Bar takes fourth place this year. West End Cider House places fifth, with open-mic events every monday.

Best Live Music Venue

The Union Bar

Yet again, The Union Bar wins top honors for Best Live Music Venue in the Best of Athens. Its reputation for great live music – usually with an edge – goes back decades, 

The Union has hosted numerous big-name acts, many before they got huge, including the White Stripes, the Black Keys, Guided by Voices, Jesus Lizard, and Athens’ own metal stars Skeletonwitch. One of the most memorable shows, in May 2002, featured former Kinks guitarist Dave Davies and his band.

Second place this year goes to Eclipse Company Store & Craft Beer Hall, which features live music inside and outside throughout the year. During the warm months, folks sit outside, often in family groups, enjoying local, regional and national acts playing on a covered stage. Eclipse, it should be mentioned, also features a zillion craft (and other) beer choices on tap.

Stuart’s Opera House takes third place, just missing second by a few dozen votes.

Fourth, fifth and sixth places go, respectively, to Casa Cantina, Donkey Coffee and Little Fish Brewing Co.


Best Ohio University Administrator

Jenny Hall-Jones

Ohio University sure seems to have a lot of beloved administrators, at least a few in each department. As the trend goes, however, one person tends to come back for the title of Best OU Administrator each year, and thus must be the most beloved by at least this present-day generation of students.

Once again, that person is Ohio University Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones. She’s won first place in this category since 2015 (winning by more than 400 votes in 2017), and it’s pretty clear that her loyal fan base runs deep in our readership.

Another beloved administrator, former OU LGBT Center director delfin bautista takes second place this year. The university has received significant backlash from students, OU employees and others over the recent firing of bautista, and the well-known activist (who uses they/them pronouns) has made their mark on Athens by speaking out for the rights of LGBTQ people, people of color, and other marginalized groups.

In third place is Kimberly Castor, director of OU’s Survivor Advocacy Program, followed by OU President M. Duane Nellis in fourth place, just eight votes behind. Fourth place goes to Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Pina.

Best Student Organization

Ohio University Dance Team

This is good timing. On the day that we learned that the Ohio University Dance Team placed first in the Best Student Organization category for “OU Students Only,” we reveived a news release from OU announcing:

“For the first time in program history, the Ohio University dance team (Jan. 18-20) traveled to Orlando, Florida, to compete at the 2019 UCA and UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships, earning the title of 2019 University World Cup Open Division Champions.”

So that’s pretty great, and explains to a large extent why the Dance Team is so popular. And don’t confuse them with cheerleaders when you see them performing at Ohio sporting events. They’re not the same at all – one squad cheers and jumps around while the other squad dances and jumps around. Yes, you’re correct; we have no idea.

Placing second is the Student Alumni Board at OU, which does student alumni things.

The Schey Sales Centre at OU is third – they sell.

Fourth is Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity which does service.

Finally, coming in fifth place is Phi Chi Theta, a business fraternity that does business.

Gee, this was fun.

Best Reason to Transfer Elsewhere

There Is No Reason to Transfer Elsewhere

Are most Ohio University students content with life in Athens, or just the ones who read The Athens NEWS? We may never know, seeing as those who don’t read The NEWS likely don’t vote in our Best Reason to Transfer category. Regardless, for a third consecutive year, the majority of our student readers said “there is no reason to transfer,” a response that received more than twice as many votes as the second-place winner for this category.

This might be a repeat winner because people who have decided to transfer aren’t here and don’t know about Best of Athens. In that case, good riddance, jerk-wads.

Second place this year goes to a “high number of reported sexual assaults,” which is certainly not the worst reason we can conceive. With 28 sexual assault cases having been reported to Athens and OU police during fall semester 2018, it’s no surprise why this response got a lot of votes this year.

In third place we have the high cost of tuition and fees, which will be increasing next year.

Last year’s second-place answer, “too much drinking/partying” takes fourth place this year, with “town is too small (not enough to do outside of classes)” not far behind.

Best Place for a Random Hookup

Alden Library

No, you didn’t misread the title of this category. It asks where’s the Best Place for a Random Hookup in Athens, and the bookworms have spoken. For the second year running (and probably longer than that), Alden Library has earned the title of steamiest spot on campus. So, maybe your friend who spends all his or her time studying isn’t diving through books – rather their taking a dive behind the shelves and making full advantage of all the great resources the library has to offer. 

The Crystal bar takes second place and is followed by two contestants that nearly tied with a margin of one vote: “a dorm room” and The Pub. Red Brick Tavern was hot on their heels as well, but didn’t manage to pull enough weight.

Best Excuse for Missing Class

The Weather (good and bad)

The tried-and-true (and a little tired) category of Best Excuse for Skipping Class maintains its not exactly thrilling first-place choice from previous years, “the weather” (both good and bad). Not exactly creative, and not much fun to write the blurb about, but chained to this desk, we will soldier through.

Trailing with about two-thirds of the votes is “being hungover,” with “drinking” right behind it.

With dreary responses like this, we’re afraid some of our readers may drown their sorrows and end up making the second and third choices a reality for Tuesday’s classes.

Best OU Professor or Instructor

Andrew Pueschel

Academic titles can be long and drawn out, so sometimes we in the news business need to shorten them. In honor of our Best OU Professor winners this year, we’ll spell out the whole dang thing.

Our winner this year, Andrew Pueschel, is a lecturer in the management department of OU’s College of Business, and director of the Emerging Leaders Program at OU’s Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership.

Our second-place winner this year, by a slim margin, is Dan West, Ohio University’s John A. Cassese Director of Forensics since 2005 (he was last year’s winner). He’s also an assistant professor in OU’s School of Communication Studies.

Deborah Murray, associate lecturer in OU’s College of Health Sciences and Professions, wins third place this year, followed by Annie Brackley, a lecturer in the College of Business and associate director of sports career placement. Loveable local curmudgeon Richard Vedder, distinguished professor of economics emeritus, wins fifth place this year.

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