Final Day early voting 2020

The line to vote at the Athens County Board of Elections stretched back almost into Congress Street on the final day of early voting. Photo by Ben Peters.

More than 15,000 registered voters in Athens County cast their ballots early either through the mail or in-person this election cycle, reaching more than 55 percent of 2016’s final turnout of 28,560 total ballots cast.

About 40 percent of registered voters in Athens County cast their ballot early this year.

According to data from the Athens County Board of Elections, more than 10,100 registered voters requested their ballots in the mail to either be mailed back or placed in the drop box outside the Board of Elections once completed — more than double the number requested in 2016 (4,200). Though it’s not clear exactly how many requested ballots were returned in either election.

Since early in-person voting began on Oct. 6, more than 6,200 voters cast ballots at the Board of Elections (about 39 percent of the total early votes cast), only slightly more than the 5,800 who did so in 2016. Those who cast in-person ballots prior to election day in 2016 made up the majority of early voters that year. 

A few hundred ballots were also sent this year from nursing homes, overseas military personnel or handed directly to the Board of Elections.

Early voting results are expected to be released by the Board of Elections shortly after the polls close Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and will be reported by The Athens NEWS here

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