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The Athens City-County Health Department provides daily updates on the number of positive reported tests, hospitalizations and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic in the county.

A fourth case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been confirmed in Athens County, the first new case in Athens County since late March.

This news comes as Ohio’s Department of Health Thursday night extended Ohio’s stay-at-home order, now called the “Stay Safe Ohio” order by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, through May 29, even as several sectors of the economy are set to reopen starting early this month.

The new case was confirmed today (Friday) in a news release from the Athens City-County Health Department, with an onset date listed for the person of April 27.

The person is described as a man, aged 30-39, who has not been hospitalized due to the disease, according to data listed on the Ohio Department of Health’s website. No other information about the person was listed in the Athens City-County Health Department’s news release, other than the fact that Athens County has one “active” case of the coronavirus. Since the pandemic began, four cases have been confirmed in Athens County and one death has been confirmed due to COVID-19.

The person who died is a man, age between 60 and 69, with an “onset date” of COVID-19 listed as March 23, and a death date listed as March 30. Of the other two people who had confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Athens County, both are women, one age 30-39 and another age 60-69. The younger woman had an onset date of March 13, while the older woman had an onset date of March 12 (neither were listed as hospitalized – the man mentioned above who died was listed as hospitalized before his death. Both of the women apparently recovered since later news releases identified no active cases).

Statewide, as of today at 2 p.m., Ohio had 17,962 confirmed coronavirus cases and 922 confirmed deaths (those numbers increase slightly when using the CDC’s “expanded” definition of “probable” cases).

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