Pipeline Rally

Uptown protesters oppose Line 3 pipeline. Photo provided by Ohio Youth for Climate Justice and Athens County’s Future Action Network. Photo provided.

From staff reports

Nearly 50 climate activists and allies of indigenous peoples gathered outside the Athens County Courthouse on Monday to protest an oil pipeline that passes through Minnesota that Native American tribes say threatens their land.

The rally, hosted by both the Ohio Youth for Climate Justice and Athens County’s Future Action Network, opposed the 340 mile Line 3 pipeline, which will carry tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, through Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin, upon completion of its construction according to Vox.

The pipeline, which is owned and operated by Calgary-based energy company Enbridge, could pose a threat to water resources, wetlands and ancestral lands in the event of an oil spill.

Athens activists called on JPMorgan Chase, the world’s largest funder of fossil fuels, to discontinue its funding of the Line 3 Pipeline.

“Ohio Youth for Climate Justice stands with those on the front lines of the fight to defund the Line 3 pipeline and protect our Earth,” Athens High School senior Julia Weber, an event organizer, said in a statement jointly released by the event hosts.

“As a climate justice organizer, I understand the importance of solidarity between communities, so I am here today in order to protect our resources and hold those involved with this project accountable.”

Protesters walked across the street from the Courthouse on Court Street to the Chase Bank to hand deliver messages to bank officials.

Former Athens County Commissioner Roxanne Groff urged people to take their money out of Chase Bank.

“Profiting from the destruction of our planet should be a crime. Removing our money from banks with investments in fossil fuels will help end ecological disasters,” she said in the statement.

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