vote sign at baker center 11-6-18

Tuesday, voting appeared relatively light at the polling location in OU's Baker Center Ballroom. In 2016, long lines snaked down this hallway. Elsewhere in the county, however, anecdotal reports indicated heavy voting.

All election results have come in at the Athens County Board of Elections this evening. With unofficial results in, the Athens City School District's capital-improvements levy has passed, Alexander Local School District's levy has failed, and state Rep. Jay Edwards, R-94th District, Nelsonville) has won re-election to his seat.

In statewide races, governor and on down, it looks like the Ohio Republican Party has had a great night. 

Polls closed at 7:30 Tuesday evening with few long lines or issues with voting reported locally throughout the day. Still, Athens County did see a significant increase in early voters this year over the last midterm election (about 6,742 early votes have been tallied so far in this election, compared to 3,876 in November 2015).

Check out the Ohio Secretary of State’s website for up-to-date information on statewide races, state legislative races, federal congressional races and other various regional or district races, as statewide voter data comes in.

Local issues/candidates – local unofficial results (with 100 percent of precincts reporting):

Athens City School District bond issue and tax levy

*Yes: 52.47 percent (5,570)

No: 47.53 percent (5,046)

Alexander Local School District income tax levy

Yes: 46.31 percent (1,924)

*No: 54.69 percent (2,231)

Athens County EMS services tax levy renewal

*Yes: 72.51 percent (14,687)

No: 27.49 percent (5,568)

Athens City-County Health Department tax levy replacement

*Yes: 66.57 percent (13,668)

No: 33.43 percent (6,863)

Athens County Commissioner

*Lenny Eliason (D): 65.25 percent (13,056)

Bill Hayes: 34.75 percent (6,953)

Athens County Treasurer 

Gary Van Meter (R): 38.46 percent (8,008)

*Ric Wasserman (D): 61.54 percent (12,816)

Athens County Auditor

*Jill Thompson (R): 51 percent (10,743)

Dave Owen (D): 49 percent (10,320)

Athens County vote total on Issue 1: 

Yes: 42.74 percent (9,077)

*No: 57.26 percent (12,162)

Vote total on the 94th Ohio House race (Athens, Meigs, Vinton, Washington)

Taylor Sappington (D): 41.71 percent

*Jay Edwards (R): 58.29 percent

State races/issues – statewide results (including Athens County), with 100 percent reporting:

Ohio Governor

Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton (D): 46.45 percent

*Mike DeWine and John Husted (R): 50.66 percent

Travis M. Irvine and J. Todd Grayson (I): 1.79 percent

Ohio Issue 1 – criminal justice reform, drug possession de-penalization

Yes: 36.60 percent

*No: 63.40 percent

Ohio 78th District House Representative

Amber Daniels (D): 32.13 percent

*Ron Hood (R): 67.87 percent

Ohio Attorney General

*Dave Yost – 52.42 percent

Steve Dettelbach – 47.58 percent

Ohio Treasurer of State

Rob Richardson (D): 46.47 percent

*Robert Sprague (R): 53.53 percent

Ohio Secretary of State

*Frank LaRose (R): 50.92 percent

Kathleen Clyde (D): 46.73 percent

Dustin R. Manna (L): 2.35 percent

Ohio Auditor of State

Zack Space (D): 46.06 percent

*Keith Faber (R): 49.93 percent

Robert C. Coogan (L): 4.02 percent

Federal races (statewide results)

U.S. Senator

 *Sherrod Brown (D): 53.20 percent

Jim Renacci (R): 46.80 percent

U.S. House of Reps. 15th District

*Steve Stivers (R): 58.54

Rick Neal (D): 39.54

Jonathan Miller (L): 1.92

U.S. House of Reps. 6th District

Shawna Roberts (D): 30.71

*Bill Johnson (R): 69.29

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