Board of Elections window on Court St.

The storefront window of the Athens County Board of Elections office at 15 S. Court St.

Unofficial results for today's General Election in Athens County have come in, with Athens Mayor Steve Patterson (a Democrat) winning re-election by a wide margin over Democratic Socialist candidate Damon Krane, and three Democrats beating several independent candidates for at-large City Council seats.

The big local races to watch tonight were mainly focused in Athens County's two big population centers – Athens and Nelsonville, with contested mayoral and City Council races in Athens, and contested city auditor and city council races in Nelsonville. 

Several countywide tax levy and other ballot issues also were play in Athens County, including a sales tax increase. All the countywide levies passed, except for the sales-tax increase.

You can follow the results of the election as they're posted online on the Athens County Board of Elections here. Below is a selection of the results – we'll have more, including details on the various boards of education and mayoral races in Athens County, in the print Athens NEWS on Thursday (or here around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Athens city races - total unofficial results (with 100 percent of precincts reporting)

Mayoral race

*Steve Patterson (D): 2,075 (75.62 percent)

Damon Krane (I): 571 (20.81 percent)

Athens City Council at-large race (three seats open)

*Beth Clodfelter (D): 1,940 (23.57 percent)

*Sarah Grace (D): 1,458 (17.71 percent)

*Peter Kotses (D): 1,456 (17.69 percent)

Patrick McGee (I): 1,113 (13.52 percent)

Ellie Hamrick (I): 593 (7.2 percent)

Chris Monday (I): 576 (7 percent)

Nelsonville city - local unofficial results (with 100 percent of precincts reporting)

City Auditor

*Taylor Sappington: 389 (50.65 percent)

Garry Dickerson: 358 (46.61 percent)

At-large Nelsonville City Council (only two seats open, unexpired term to end 12/05/21)

*Cory Taylor: 356 (23.18 percent)

*Greg Smith: 310 (20.18 percent)

Dottie Fromal: 297 (19.34 percent)

Andrea Reany: 211 (13.74 percent)

At-large Nelsonville City Council (only three seats open, seat beginning December 2019)

*Linda Watkins: 453 (19.66 percent)

*Wanda Johnson: 391 (16.97 percent)

*Anthony Dunfee: 374 (16.23 percent)

Shadrick Paris: 269 (11.68 percent)

McCray Powell: 154 (6.68 percent)

Local issues – local unofficial results (with 100 percent of precincts reporting)

Athens County new 0.25 percent sales-tax increase

Yes: 4,869 (46.14 percent)

*No: 5,243 (49.68 percent)

Athens County Public Library replacement levy

*Yes: 6,839 (64.81 percent)

No: 3,526 (33.41 percent)

Athens County EMS renewal levy

*Yes: 7,993 (75.74 percent)

No: 2,356 (22.33 percent)

Athens City-County Health Department tax levy replacement

*Yes: 7,124 (67.51 percent)

No: 3,121 (29.57 percent)

Athens County senior levy renewal

*Yes: 7,869 (74.57 percent)

No: 2,387 (22.62 percent)

Nelsonville Cannabis de-penalization ordinance

*Yes: 430 (55.99 percent)

No: 321 (41.80 percent)

Athens County Children Services levy replacement and increase

*Yes: 6,762 (64.08 percent)

No: 3,582 (33.94 percent)

Athens County TB levy

*Yes: 6,019 (57.04 percent)

No: 4,210 (39.89 percent)

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