Six sexual-assault incident reports were logged by the Athens and Ohio University police departments since late April, when OU students were preparing to leave town.

These reports – four to the APD and two to the OUPD – constitute all of their reports for sexual-assault incidents since April 25.

Two of the APD reports were for alleged incidences of rape, while the other two reports were for alleged sexual imposition (non-consensual sexual touching) incidents. Meanwhile, one of the OUPD reports was for an alleged rape while the other report was for an alleged sexual imposition.

One of the APD incident reports for rape explains that police obtained a sexual-assault nurse examination (SANE) kit from OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital on May 25 after a reported rape. O’Bleness staff advised the officer at the time that the victim had declined to speak to officers, and wished to remain anonymous. The OUPD rape report similarly explains that that department picked up a SANE kit from OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital on May 5, 2019.

“The victim spoke with an officer and provided information about unwanted sexual conduct by a known party but refused to disclose her identity,” the report reads.

The other OUPD incident report states that on July 10, the department received a report from OU’s Office for Equity and Civil Rights Compliance regarding a sexual imposition that allegedly occurred on July 8 at OU’s Aquatic Center.

One of the APD incident reports states that on April 30, the department took a report of a sexual imposition that allegedly happened at Walmart on East State Street in Athens. The officer followed up with Walmart and attempted to obtain footage of the incident but was informed by that business that “no video coverage existed within the isle (sic) in which the incident occurred.” The case was closed after the city’s chief prosecutor said that charges could not be pursued in the case without “additional evidence.”

The other APD sexual imposition report doesn’t contain much information, other than noting that a sexual imposition was reported on the city’s South Side on June 10.

The final rape reported to the OUPD lists a rape being reported on the city’s South Side on July 31.

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