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Two young men share what appears to be a marijuana blunt with a small group of other people outside of the Athens County Courthouse Saturday.

Ohio University is not allowing students with medical marijuana cards to possess or use cannabis on school property, Jim Sabin, OU communications specialist, confirmed in an email last week. 

“Marijuana of all forms remains illegal on the federal level, and Ohio University is obligated to comply with the federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act,” he said. 

This means that OU will not be changing any of its conduct policies regardless of the state’s implementation of the “Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program.” 

 “All forms of marijuana, cannabis products, and paraphernalia are not permitted to be on campus at any time for any reason,” Sabin said.

However, this does not mean students with doctor’s recommendations will have to disclose that information to the school, he said.  

“Possession of a marijuana card alone would not constitute a violation of university policy,” Sabin added.

New state law allows for patients with one of a list of eligible ailments to qualify for a card with a certified physician’s recommendation. According to medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov, upon examination and recommendation, the patient will be added to a statewide registry if approved. More than 20 medical conditions qualify, and doctors can recommend up to a 90-day supply of marijuana with the option for three refills –  meaning a one-year supply. 

Many dispensaries throughout the state are still waiting to open, including one on West Union Street in Athens. According to reporting from a previous article in The NEWS, only 13 of the 59 dispensaries approved by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy had opened as of that writing in late April. 

The closest dispensary to Athens is Buckeye Botanicals LLC in Jackson, about 35-40 minutes from Athens to the southwest, and the second nearest is Terrasana Cannabis Co. in the Grandview Heights area of Columbus, about an hour and 20 minutes away from Athens. 

Harvest Inc. is the dispensary waiting for approval in Athens. The opening date has still not been released. 

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