Moveout dropoffs

These are main drop-off locations for unwanted goods during this coming weekend (when most OU students are moving out).

With Ohio University student move-out kicking into full swing this week, it’s important for students to remember that they have a lot of options for donating unwanted goods such as furniture, food and clothing.

This is especially important because Athens County is considered by some metrics to be one of the poorest counties in Ohio, in one of the poorest regions in Ohio. Consequently, these goods can be put to good use elsewhere instead of being wasted by throwing them away in a dumpster or elsewhere.

There’s an easy one-stop link on Ohio University’s website for what to do with unwanted items during move-out, which can be found by going to

But, we’ll also provide a quick run-down below for both on- and off-campus students (or others moving out of their homes or apartments).

On campus 

• Food: Food-bank donation sites are located in the lobbies of East and West green residence halls, inside the “Front Four” South Green dormitories, as well as inside the new dormitories on South Green (Tanaka, etc.). Donation sites are also located near the back doors of any “Back South” Green dormitories. OU’s Recycling website says, “If in doubt, donate it. Anything not food-safe will be removed.”

• Furniture: no furniture, even broken, belongs in the dumpsters. Place all furniture (and carpets) in the outside areas of the residence halls (signs should be posted). Most of the furniture will be donated, although some might be recycled.

• Clothes and shoes: same as above.

• Anything else: if in doubt, donate it at the locations listed above.


Throughout the weekend, community thrift stores and local food pantries will have locations set up across Athens for people to drop off reusable goods. There’s a map located on this page.

These drop-off sites will operate from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (keep in mind the locations at Christ Lutheran Church and Christ the King will not be open on Sunday, however).

The website notes that roughly 80 percent of most move-out waste is either recyclable or reusable. There’s an exhaustive list at the OU recycling website listed above, but some examples include:

• Appliances, computers, coolers/refrigerators, and other electronics.

• Any unopened food.

• Any bed frames, lofts or other intact furniture.

• Buildings supplies, decorations, curtains and blinds, and shelving.

• Clothing.

Quite a few local thrift stores also will schedule pick-ups of unwanted items directly from your apartment or home, so long as you call them first and schedule a time. Those stores are:

• Friends and Neighbors, 740-667-0684.

• Goodwill, 740-592-4105.

• New-to-You, 740-592-1842.

• ReStore Habitat for Humanity, 740-589-5865.

• ReUse Industries, 740-594-5103. 

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