Number fest 2016

This file photo by Lucas Reilly shows the Number Fest crowd from 2016. Fest organizers worry about flagging student interest.

After declining attendance over the last several years, Number Fest – the major college music festival held just outside Athens every year since 2004 – has come to an end.

The music festival was a staple for party-hungry Ohio University students throughout much of the last two decades, starting out small in a ridgetop field on Stagecoach Road outside Athens in 2004 and growing considerably in the time since.

Six-fest -- 2009

Sixfest (2009) in the early afternoon of a rainy day in mid-May 2009.

Six fest - photo by Eddie - 2009

A vintage Number Fest photo: OU students at the time, from left, Matt Hausmann and Shane Smith, enjoyed the rainy weather during Six-Fest in May 2009 by making a slip-n-slide out of a muddy patch at the "Big Red Barn" festival site on Stagecoach Road southwest of Athens.

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