Peden stadium

The distinctive marker for Ohio University on Peden Stadium in the background of the blooming cherry trees.

From staff reports

Ohio University announced last week that eight student-athletes have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Student athletes were required to be tested for the virus before beginning voluntary conditioning this summer.

“The proactive testing is part of a comprehensive plan developed before student-athletes from OHIO football, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball were cleared to return to Athens for voluntary training and conditioning,” the university stated in a press release about the student-athletes.

A total of 125 student-athletes have been tested as of Wednesday morning.

University protocols call for student-athletes to self-quarantine in their residences upon their return to Athens. After a seven-day waiting period, student-athletes are required to undergo testing for COVID-19 before using campus facilities for workouts. If a student-athlete is clear and has no active infection, the next step is to receive a pre-participation physical and medical clearance, according to the university release.

Voluntary workouts and physical activity may begin after receiving clearance, according to OU.

The student-athletes with positive COVID-19 test results were asked to return to their permanent residences to self-isolate and follow health protocols, the university stated. In addition, in response to the positive tests among athletes, University Athletics has temporarily halted all conditioning and training.

The Athens City-County Department of Health is conducting contact tracing based on any interactions the students had prior to the positive test, and any potentially exposed individuals will be asked to quarantine to help prevent spreading the virus, the OU release stated.

The University will not be releasing the names or identifying information of these individuals to ensure that they can focus on their health and recovery.

“If you are aware of their identity, please respect their privacy and abide by all privacy rules related to personal information,” the university stated in its media release.

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