This is a gallery of photographs of Number Fest, the annual music festival attended by successive cohorts of Ohio University students and their guests between 2004 and 2019. The fest started out as a day of drinking geared toward OU students on a ridgetop field several miles southwest of Athens, with music and games. Over time, the fest – each year taking the name of its numerical progression (One-Fest, Two-Fest, etc.) – developed into a major festival attracting more than 15,000 people and drawing some of the biggest names in hip-hop, rap and EDM.

The Columbus-based event management company that had sponsored the event for many years announced in mid-January that the festival was finished. See this article.

Over the years, The Athens NEWS often engaged top-flight student photojournalists from OU's prestigious VisCom School to shoot the event. We greatly appreciated our photographers efforts and hope you do as well. Those photographers include, chronologically, Andrew McMurtrie, Tess Colwell, Ed Venrick (our photo editor for many years), Maddie McGarvey, Dustin Franz (another of our photo editors), Joel Bissell, Jim Korpi, Rachel O'Hara, Lucas Reilly, Jordan Kelley, Nick Bolin, Heather Willard, and Evan Chwalek.

The photos are in chronological order (and are missing images from the third Number Fest, for whatever reason).