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Here is a short video of T-Rex walking to show you how he gets around. Video provided.

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A brief photo gallery... An Easter Sunday walk around the Ohio University campus revealed some beautiful spring sights, a stunning look at what Richland Avenue through campus looks like now, a few other interesting odds and ends, and maybe about five students in different locations. Photos b…

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Not to rub it in, or make everyone feel bad, but maybe it will be therapeutic to see what we were doing a year ago during this very active social season in Athens. These events will all happen again, and we'll all savor them much more than before. Terry Smith took the photos that aren't othe…

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This has been one of the most unusual springs in the centuries-long history of Ohio University. The COVID-19 pandemic has cleared the great majority of OU students from campus, and most of the students from the neighborhoods surrounding the university. But one tradition that no virus can sto…