Editor’s note: “Exhuming the Morgue” highlights the top news stories from previous editions, pulled from our archives (which we lovingly call “the morgue”). This week, we’re taking a trip back to 1981, 1991 and 2001:

From the Jan. 22, 1981 edition:

Note: Our archival books sadly that are filled with past editions of The NEWS jumped from the Jan. 22 edition to the Fed. 16 edition in 1981, so here we have the edition that was closest to our current publication date (if you’d like to fill me in on the happenings of that gap, give me a ring).

A local tenant action committee was working to combat what it called a “long history in Athens of substandard housing conditions, unreasonable rents and abusive practices by local landlords.” Athens County Tenant Action Committee spokesperson Dan Young told The NEWS that his committee was working to coordinate a three-weekslong survey of area rentals to take note of living conditions, visiting apartments and houses at random. The group was also hosting a forum to inform area tenants of their rights as renters.

At the movies: Chakeres Varsity Cinema played “Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same.”

From the Jan. 28, 1991 edition:

A North Carolina man was arrested by Athens County authorities after being treated for a gunshot wound at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital. The man was reportedly wounded after an incident with a state trooper back in his home state, where he sought surgery at his area hospital. After the procedure, he left that hospital without being released and hit the road to stay with relatives in Athens County. His family ultimately took him to O’Bleness to seek additional care, and a relative called the Athens County Sheriff’s Office, resulting in his arrest.

Businessperson Mark Larson announced he was considering a run in the Athens mayoral race. Previously, Bill Bias and Guy Phillips announced interest in challenging incumbent Sarah Hendricker (in this edition, The Athens NEWS also announced that Hendricker won two categories: “Best City Official” and “Best Person You’d Like to Punch in the Nose.” The inconsistency here is puzzling).

Speaking of Best of Athens: the winner of the Best OU Administrator category was Charles Ping. Best Local Athlete: Bubba Lichtenberg. Taking home both “Best All-Around Restaurant” and “Best Restaurant Atmosphere” was Casa Nueva).

From the Jan. 29, 2001 edition:

A study ran by OU’s Faculty Senate found that the amount of money spent by the university over a nearly twenty year span (1980 to 1999) declined over time, demonstrating that money flowing. The analysis found that the university’s overall budget increased by 306 percent over the span of time, but the university’s academic budget increased only by roughly 274 percent over the same time period. The university’s central pool — used somewhat as a miscellaneous funding pool and included expenses such as scholarships, capital improvements, utilities and debt financing — rose 2.5 percent over the 20-year timeframe. Also of note: the average salary of an OU professor at the time was $58,812.

An OU student was charged with illegal voting during the 2000 general election. The student allegedly voted in-person in Athens County in addition to mailing an absentee ballot to her home county of Eerie. The Athens County Board of Elections commented that an investigation was ongoing at the time.

Plans to move a 19th century schoolhouse from its Athens Lumber location to a temporary site east of West Union were delayed, as house-moving company workers found that the building’s cement staircase burrowed much farther into the ground than expected. The relocation of the building, which was once used as a primary school, was sparked by an area activist group attempting to move the building to a site along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, with hopes of it being repurposed into a tourist stop. The Athens Lumber site was purchased by Ohio University prior to this, and the university hoped to convert the area into a human resources building and parking lot. After the “Save the Little Old Schoolhouse Group” assembled, both OU and the City of Athens voiced their consideration of chipping in money to see this project through.

At the movies: the Athena Cinema played “The Wedding Planner” and “Save the Last Dance.”

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