Infinite Improbability Drive

The Infinite Improbability Drive is performing at the Union Bar on Saturday night.


Local experimental rock band The Infinite Improbability Drive recently embarked on its Spring 2020 Tour, performing across Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. 

This is the first tour for the young band, composed of Emersynn McGuire, Jesse Steward, Julian Runyon and Willie Spires.

(Editor's note: A show at the Union Bar in Athens Saturday night has been postponed till a later date due to concern about the coronavirus situation. See the Union's Facebook page for more details.)

The Infinite Improbability Drive – commonly known as IID – officially came together during summer 2018 when founding members Steward and Runyon were assembling a band for ACRN’s Battle of the Bands competition. 

After connecting with McGuire through a mutual friend and picking up a drummer to play with them, IID was able to enter the competition and play alongside five other bands: Sneakthief, Sweat Workers, Raw Canvas, Darwin Evolution and Velvet Green. Spires joined the band later, in 2019. 

Almost two years following the competition that brought them together, the band is in the middle of its first tour. 

The Infinite Improbability Drive kicked off their tour in Athens at Red Brick Tavern on March 3, followed by a show in Runyon’s hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia, at Nail City Record on March 6.

“We played at Nail City Record, and that is the only record store in the Ohio Valley where I’m from,” Runyon said in an interview. “We reached out to them about a date when we were first setting up this tour, and they were really receptive, and they got back to us very quickly. Then we went up there and played, and it was fantastic. It was a great room and an intimate setting, and it worked really well.”

The next night the band played at Sudzy’s Pin-Up Palace in Portsmouth, Ohio, just before returning to Athens to prepare for their show in Columbus at the Spacebar on March 11. 

After that IID will travel to Lexington, Kentucky, to play at Best Friend Bar tonight (Thursday), followed by a house show at the venue Spaghetti Factory in Dayton, Ohio on Friday. (Check ahead for all shows mentioned in this article, other than the Athens Union show – which already has been canceled.)

“I have never played a house show with these guys outside of Athens,” McGuire said. “I have high hopes that it will be really good and that it will go really well.” 

After their house show away from home, the band will return to Athens to play four more shows to finish off its Spring 2020 Tour. 

This Saturday, March 14, IID will return to Athens with an EP release show at the Union, which the bandmembers are particularly excited for. While the EP isn’t officially out until the release show, fans in attendance can grab a physical copy at any one of the shows on the tour. 

According to Steward and McGuire, the EP served as a driving force for organizing the band’s first tour. 

“We’re doing this independently, everything has been done by us,” McGuire said in an interview before the tour. “There’s nothing to hold us accountable unless we have a tour to promote our EP.” 

Following the show at the Union, the Infinite Improbability Drive was scheduled to play a local house show on Sunday, but after some complications with the scheduled venue, the show likely likely will take place at Runyon’s house in Athens. 

The following weekend, the band will play an acoustic show at Donkey Coffee on Saturday, March 21, before finishing their tour the next weekend at the Union, Friday, March 27.

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