Leader of ’80s garage-pop heroes plays Donkey


While you may never have heard of singer/songwriter Bill Fox, who's playing Donkey Coffee Saturday, in some circles he's held in something close to reverence. He's been referred to at least once, in fact, as "one of America's greatest contemporary songwriters."

In the late 1980s, Fox was lead singer and guitarist for The Mice, a garage-pop outfit from that hotbed of great and obscure music known as Cleveland, Ohio. They're said to have had quite an influence on Guided By Voices, out of Dayton.

After going solo and putting out two albums in the late '90s, Fox completely dropped out of the music business for about a decade. Renewed interest in his work was sparked by a 2007 article in a literary magazine, The Believer, in which the author tried to find Fox and figure out why he quit making music. (That piece also contained the glowing assessment of Fox's work quoted in the opening paragraph of this article.)

In 2008, Fox gave permission for Scat Records to re-release both of his solo albums, and the following year, he started playing out a bit in the Cleveland area.

One of his previously unreleased songs, "Men Who Are Guilty of Crimes," was used to accompany a video that went up on YouTube in October 2011, called "An Anthem For Occupy Wall Street."

He's released two post-comeback solo albums, "Before I Went to Harvard" in 2011 and "One Thought Revealed" in 2012.

Playing with Fox will be Jim McKievier; also appearing on the bill will be Adam Remnant.

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