Saturday (Day 3) at the 15th annual Nelsonville Music Festival saw big crowds at all the stages, from the free Boxcar Stage outside the official grounds to the Main Stage to the No-Fi Cabin. The free skateboarding ramp even had a band playing in the early evening, drawing a big audience while skateboarders, young and old, continued to challenge he half-pipe. Saturday also featured a Honey for the Heart giant puppet parade throughout the festival grounds in the afternoon, with many kids and their parents joining in with impromptu costumes. Musically, Saturday showcased the breadth and diversity of acts that perform at the NMF, with an all-female mariachi band from NYC wowing the Main Stage Audience in the afternoon (Flor de Toloache) and a few hours later on the same stage popular indie-rock band Death Cab for Cutie drawing a satisfying wrap on the day of music.

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