ABC Players - burlesque

Jason Morosko and Ken Bowald discuss “Who’s on first?” in the ABC Players’ production of “Burlesque Humor Revisited,” a backstage performance at Stuart’s Opera House on Wednesday, June 19, and Thursday, June 20, at 7:30.


For their last show of the season, ABC Players will present “Burlesque Humor Revisited” – described colorfully in a news release as “the fast-paced, naughty romp through the jokes, puns, slow burns and double takes that 20th century American comedians cut their teeth on.”

The play by Dick Posten will bring numerous sketches to life at Stuart’s Opera House at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19, and Thursday, June 20. The show will be one of Stuart’s “backstage” performances, meaning the audience will sit on stage as the actors perform. Regular auditorium seating will not be used.

“Burlesque Humor Revisited” is compiled from authentic skits that retain the flavor of burlesque while catering to today’s standards and values, according to the release. Although the word “burlesque” may make some think of productions containing nudity, this production’s use of the word is to identify the time frame and activity in which the sketches developed, the release explained.

Varying from sketch to sketch, the actors play several classic comedy roles in the following sketches: The Presenter; The Beginnings of the Mirror; Watt Street & Cleaning & Dyeing; The Sap & the St Louis Kid, The Farmhouse Scene; Hold the Car; The Courtroom Scene; Cot in the Corridor (Crazy House); The Schoolroom Scene; Niagara Falls (Slowly I Turned); Joe the Bartender; Who’s on First and Hollywood.

The ABC Players production is directed by Alexa Ross and includes the cast of Amy Abercrombie, Robin Barnes, Ken Bowald, Martha Carson, Veronica Honeywell, Dan Maccabee, Cinda Morosko, Jason Morosko, Gordon Pettey, Sandy Russell and Ezra Thobaben. 

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