I have been making dolls for a long time out of everything from paper, to sticks and mud.  I wanted to make a doll that had lots of detail.  I used clay for the hands, head and feet, and then attached them to a cloth body.  The first clay dolls I made were with air-dry clay when I was 13 in 2018.  The air-dry clay was heavy and would crumble easily, especially when we played with them.  In the last two years I have discovered paper-clay, which is far better at staying together, and much lighter.  My favorite dolls to make wear historic fashions.  I sometimes model them after real people, and I am just beginning to experiment with storybook characters.--Vivian Huggins

On exhibit in the Glass Display Cases.


  • Starting Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021, repeats every day until Tuesday, June 29, 2021 — all day


Athens Public Library

30 Home St.
Athens , OH 45701