The Athens News - National NEWS <![CDATA[Jordan’s King Abdullah’s on the warpath]]> From the Fox News website, Feb. 4, 2015: "Jordan's King Abdullah, himself a former general, angrily vowed to pursue ISIS until his military runs 'out of fuel and bullets,' in a closed door meeting with U.S. lawmakers that followed the release Wednesday of a grisly video showing a captured Jordanian airman being burned alive in a cage by the terrorist army.]]> <![CDATA[OU alum, Pulitzer winner passes away while covering ebola in Africa ]]> Photographer Michel du Cille, graduate of Ohio University's journalism master's program and a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, has died after likely suffering a heart attack while on assignment for The Washington Post in Liberia.]]> <![CDATA[Reporter, an OU alum, in eye of storm in Ferguson]]> A former Ohio University Post editor who now reports for the Washington Post found himself in the center of a major national news story late last week.]]> <![CDATA[Area’s GOP Reps decide not to go ‘Cruz-ing’]]> Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress over the past couple weeks have set out to cut food stamp benefits by $39 billion, and to tie defunding of the president's signature Affordable Care Act to their approval of the federal government's continuing resolution spending bill.]]> <![CDATA[Behind the story: Student investigation wins IRE award]]> Later this month, Alex Stuckey will receive an IRE award for her story "Drug Under the Rug," an investigation into the Athens County Ohio law enforcement agencies' failure to report property that was seized and forfeited after drug busts. Her four-month investigation of the missing reports occurred while she was a student reporter for The Post at Ohio University. ]]> <![CDATA[Sen. Brown opposed to letting student loan rates double July 1]]> While the various factions of U.S. Congress seem to agree that the doubling of student loan rates on July 1 should not happen, disagreement continues on how to handle it.]]> <![CDATA[Report: U.S. needs to pay more attention to 'clean energy' market]]> The global clean energy marketplace is expanding rapidly, but the competitive position of American industry is at risk because of increased competition abroad and uncertain policies at home, according to a report released earlier this week by the Pew Charitable Trusts.]]> <![CDATA[Both new area reps vote for 'cliff' deal]]>

Both U.S. congressmen now representing Athens County voted in favor of H.R. 8, the 11th hour legislation designed to stop the nation from tumbling over the so-called fiscal cliff. Both U.S. senators representing Ohio also favored the deal.

<![CDATA[County’s congressmen march unflinchingly toward fiscal cliff]]> As the United States begins a final month of negotiations before the looming Jan. 1 "fiscal cliff" deadline, this area's Republican members of Congress are more or less sticking to the party line of shunning tax increases on the top 2 percent of wage earners and instead calling for spending cuts.]]> <![CDATA[GOP ambitions beneath the Mitt Romney facade: A report from the Republican National Convention]]> I had a decision to make. I'd been in Tampa for all of 15 minutes, and I was already late for something, anything, everything — a white rabbit with OCD, searching for Mad Hatters. ]]> <![CDATA[Komen reversal allows sighs of relief]]> Women's health advocates in southeast and central Ohio are hoping that the flap over breast-screening grants to Planned Parenthood don't set back their cause.]]> <![CDATA[Rep. Gibbs, in first 7 months, attacks regulation, taxes]]> U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs displaced incumbent Zack Space in 2010 during the race for Ohio's 18th Congressional district seat. Now with seven months in office under his belt, Gibbs claims he's on his way t]]> <![CDATA[Both area's congressmen vote for debt compromise]]> <![CDATA[Two local congressmen not budging on debt, taxes]]> <![CDATA[Tax myths and tall tales]]> Editor's note: In this piece, prepared for members of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Cay Johnston reviews nine tax myths that hardly anyone knows about, including the ideas that poor people don't pay taxes and that rich people are overtaxed. ]]> <![CDATA[New rep: Repealing ‘Obamacare’ a top priority]]> With the new Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, lawmakers are looking to make good on campaign promises to “repeal and replace” the health-care reform legislation that Democrats passed in 2010.]]> <![CDATA[Arizona is rushing toward wrong side of history]]> <![CDATA[Fasting immigrants recall Arizona border odyssey]]> More than 40 other people, including teenagers and young students, joined Gonzalez in a 72-hour fast, an act of protest by immigrants here and in other parts of the country to call for an immigration overhaul. Along with their advocates, community leaders and elected officials, the immigrants ended their fast Saturday aternoon, June 5.]]> <![CDATA[Space no, Wilson yes on health care]]>