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Wednesday, July 23,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-24-14

One-way traffic. Radford Road. Barking dogs. Heroin. Roundabouts, diamonds-shaped interchanges, criss-cross applesauce, jump, might as well jump, broken thumbs and police officers, and health insurance. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Sunday, July 20,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-21-14

Those shelter dogs have some great friends. Anti-smoker propaganda. What's Athens County have to do with the price of bread, or Meigs County, for that matter? Sheriff Kelly. Barking Dogs. Ukrainian blowback. "All or nothing," ?!? And more barking dogs. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Wednesday, July 16,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-17-14

How's about somebody publish bike guidelines, who could do a thing like that? Pedestrian safety at Clippinger, animals on ramps, who's planning to be the Pawpaw queen, time to chill, the problem with science, or something, scientific consensus, and a whole lot of absurdity. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Sunday, July 13,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-14-2014

Ohio Rt. 682, what's the harm of growin' that dodie in Chauncey, telling taxpayers what to do, what to eat and how to feel, those downtrodden rental apartments, ciggy butts in the drive through, landscaping, the Taco Bell waiting line and McDonald's, this is your voice, Athens cherish it.
Wednesday, July 9,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-10-14

Talk about endless barking, you people won't stop barking about barking. What do I mean, "you people"? I mean you people who keep barking about barking, natch. ANYwhoozle, Bobcat Lane, nobody seems happy in Athens, the Middle East, dogs, dogs and more barking dogs and back to Bobcat Lane. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Sunday, July 6,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-7-14

Why we celebrate our independence, and when. You objectify me, I objectify you, we objectify each other, all the day through. Ammunition ammo. Fire trucks and Bobcat Lance. Why is Pat Kelly getting paid? Barking dogs, again, of course. OUPD. And something about taxes and bridges, or something. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Wednesday, July 2,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 7-3-14

Barking dogs seems to be just about the only thing on the minds of ye fair Athenians this issue. A dog bark here, a dog bark there. You got your hoosker-do's and your hoosker-don't's. A little yapper and a big ol' grumbler. I don't know what the H I'm talking about any more. Barking dogs. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Sunday, June 29,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 6-30-14

Bark like a dog for me. Bark like a dog! Athens County Democrats, it's been a long time. George W. Bush's crappy paintings. Being agnostic. Cruising parking lots, cruising together. Dogs bark, it's normal. East side, watch out! You've got a bark narc. Public farting. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Wednesday, June 25,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 6-26-14

ODNR office, you and your pond scum. You double-dipped the chip! Taking your sweet ol' time. Bicyclists on the roadways now, and pedestrians on the bike path. Separation of church and state. Basically, everybody's agnostic because nobody knows. Iraq the casbah. Taters. Dang Obama. Wooden poles. Blame Canada. The Farmers Market. And let's get something for free. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Sunday, June 22,2014
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 6-23-14

Live your life like it's one great canvass for a masterpiece art installation. The EPA and regulationing. First a fire truck and then the world! Between Iraq and a hard place. Is President Obama challenged? Food safety. The best mail man this side of Mr. McFeely. More on bicycles. More on Iraq, and tri-corn hats. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.