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Wednesday, May 20,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-21-15

Getting dangerous, unauthorized, and overcrowded. I love a parade. Unique and wonderful venues. I'm gonna rake and hoe, I'm gonna make my garden grow. Good night, and good luck. Don't call us. Don't even think about calling us. This is your voice, Athens. Cherish it, or consider yourself dangerous, unauthorized, and overcrowded.
Sunday, May 17,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-18-15

I came to Ohio in a swarm of bees. Kevin Costner. Inconveniences. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Making Halloween disappear. You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys. Nightmares. Who could ever find any fault with Fox News? Dumb things. Pittances. Disgust and revulsion. This is your voice, Athens. Cherish it or Kevin Costner will pick your pocket.
Wednesday, May 13,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-14-15

Fixing potholes. Letters of support. Crossing a line. This is not 'nam, Smokey, there are rules! Many hours spent gathering furniture. One hand washes the other. I must concur. Summer in Athens! This is your voice, Athens. Cherish it, or we'll send somebody out to fix your pothole.
Sunday, May 10,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-11-15

The wrong side of history. Spring Fest. Who's that man in the big chair at commencement? Traffic islands in the sun. Denying the deniers. A set-straight record. Blowing the deal. A dry Athens County. Summertime and the living is easy. Painting into a corner. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it or you'll be on the wrong side of history.
Wednesday, May 6,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-7-15

Treated water. Special dilemmas. A sham and a shame. Just what are the costs of Number Fest? The destruction of forms. Plus, it's now Summer in Athens, you scamps. I'm gonna soak up the suuuuuuun. Gonna tell everyone to lighten up... This is your voice, Athens, cherish it, or I'll be sending you a special dilemma.
Sunday, May 3,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 5-4-15

Forever Young. Join forces! A sad state of affairs. Uptown Athens, you're a filthy mess. Go wash your dirty face. Smoke and no fire. The Athens NEWS' pht balance. OU athletics. And, hello to you. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Wednesday, April 29,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 4-30-15

Forget the light, skate and destroy. Pass the jogger, skate and destroy. Snap it back, skate and destroy. Sunday Morning, praise the dawning, it's just a restless feeling by my side. Well I've heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift, the baffled king composing Hallelujah.
Sunday, April 26,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 4-27-15

I got your daylight savings right here! Kent State. Mohammed's radio. The preezy. Fickle fracking. Homage to digging coal. Getting rough. Cutting down on the garbage. Zero problems. All the positives. The Blame Game. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Wednesday, April 22,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 4-23-15

Ban it! Fixing stupid. No deposit back for you! Living up to obligations. Suposably. Chaos, pronounced with a Chay. He's a witch! He turned me into a newt! Constant crybabies. A goofball, but not a Total goofball. Housing-Gate. Always angry Athens County. Fix the roads. Frack Fest. You shall be revealed! Better have that spring bod ready. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.
Sunday, April 19,2015
Athens Voice

Athens Voice 4-20-15

I love dogs too. Speed limits. Draw, you cur. Knowing when it's time to go. Stop picking on poor Dr. McDavis. Any good news? Smoke it if you got it. Family safety. Chill pills. Separate but parallel tracks. This is your voice, Athens, cherish it.